Mentors of Undergraduate Research

“We nurture a rich intellectual community characterized by active student engagement with a faculty dedicated to excellent teaching and scholarly accomplishment.”
-from the Elon University Mission Statement

“One of the strongest connections between disciplinary expertise and student experience occurs when faculty mentor students in the process of scholarly inquiry….Scholar-mentor activities combine traditional teaching, experiential education, and professional expertise to mold graduates ready to take their place as working members of their professions or to continue their academic training in graduate or professional school.”
-from the Elon Teacher-Scholar Statement

If you are interested in getting sample syllabus for your 499 or 498 student, then we suggest that you ask a faculty member in your department who has mentored students in the past.

The following links provide information that support mentors of undergraduate research:

Council on Undergraduate Research

Research Mentor Training through the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Elon's Center for Engaged Learning has two pages of interest. Click here for info on undergraduate research more generally and here for more information on mentoring undergraduate research.

Handbook on Mentoring Undergraduate Research

Mentor Development Grants provide support for faculty to pursue opportunities to deepen their ability to mentor undergraduate research. Several grants, capped at $1,000, will be available to support mentor development including but not limited to:

  • travel to workshops designed to develop mentoring skills and/or deepening expertise related to the project;
  • travel to conferences, etc., where the primary role of the faculty member is as mentor;
  • books, equipment, software, databases or other materials that will enhance the faculty’s ability to mentor; and
  • other costs directly related to developing skills and knowledge related to mentoring.