Mentor Development Grants

The undergraduate research program recognizes that high-quality undergraduate research experiences require high-quality mentoring. As mentioned in the Elon Teacher-Scholar Statement, mentoring is a prominent component of what we do as faculty members. Mentorship of undergraduate research is an important professional activity that can be improved by supporting knowledge and skill acquisition as well as sharing best practices with other mentors. In order to support the professional development of faculty in their roles as mentors, the undergraduate research program will offer competitive mentor development grants. These grants cannot be used as stipends, but could provide support for faculty to pursue opportunities to deepen their ability to mentor undergraduate research. Several grants, capped at $1,000, will be available to support mentor development including but not limited to:

  • travel to workshops designed to develop mentoring skills and/or deepening expertise related to the project;
  • travel to conferences, etc., where the primary role of the faculty member is as mentor;
  • books, equipment, software, databases or other materials that will enhance the faculty’s ability to mentor; and
  • other costs directly related to developing skills and knowledge related to mentoring.

To apply for a mentor development grant, faculty should use the application form found on this webpage. It will be expected that the applicant provide a brief description of how these funds would impact their mentoring. Access to these funds will be competitive and offered on a rolling basis until the funds are exhausted. 

Faculty will be eligible to access these funds one time per year. Reimbursements should be remitted to the undergraduate research program within two weeks of the expense. After receiving a mentoring award, faculty may be asked to participate in on-campus mentor development programming.

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Reimbursement Form

Funding for these grants is made available by Elon University’s Lumen Prize Program.