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In recent years, the Elon Black Alumni Network has worked to reconnect and strengthen African-American alumni involvement and support in various ways through the Office of Alumni Engagement.

As an alumnus of Elon, I realize that alumni involvement is crucial to the university's continued success. So many of us have achieved great measures of success because of our relationships with faculty and staff, friends, social organizations, community leaders and involvement in other areas of campus life. Now is the time for us to come back and empower, encourage and motivate all within the university community.

Our executive leadership team of active alumni and undergraduates are committed to planning social, cultural and educational events to benefit the Elon community. But we won't be successful without your help. Your active participation and support will ensure we achieve our goals. Your input and ideas will provide us with valuable information that will be used to plan events that appeal to your interests, whether they be networking, student mentoring, community service, socializing and much more.

We look forward to working with you as we strive to foster a greater appreciation of Elon University.

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We want to hear about what's going on in your life. Have you hosted an impromptu alumni gathering? Gotten married? Received a graduate degree? Retired? Gone on an exciting adventure? Please let us know at www.elon.edu/classnotes.