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Volunteer for the LGBTQIA Alumni Network

As part of the Office of Alumni Engagement, the LGBTQIA Alumni Network works to engage Elon graduates as lifelong partners, advocates, and investors in their university.  As students, we gained so much from our time at Elon and since then have had rich experiences which we can share with those Phoenix who now follow in our footsteps.

Because our goals include bringing social, cultural, and educational opportunities to campus, we are excited about incorporating your insight and interests into the functions that we plan.  There are a multitude of opportunities for you to get involved with committees on student outreach, career networking, homecoming, philanthropy, communications and more!

President Lambert recently said, “Our duty in caring for one another and for speaking up for the values of Elon University must never end. For the rest of our lives we are partners in building a great university.  Civility, inclusion, honor, integrity, responsibility, respect.  This is the mortar that locks each building block of this community together.” 

The leadership team encourages you to join us in responding to President Lambert’s call to action as we work to ensure that our alma mater is inclusive and welcoming to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their families. We can’t do it without YOU!

Learn about our committees

Communications Committee: The purpose of the LGBTQIA Communications Committee is to provide timely, relevant and meaningful multimedia content to current and future LGBTQIA alumni. This committee will decide the best practices for delivering content across all media platforms, including electronic communications (email, blogs, social media, videos, Web), television and radio and via mass mailings of marketing materials and traditional mail items. The committee will also act as a taskforce for producing and editing original multimedia content as well as gathering newsworthy stories and information from LGBTQIA alumni, students, faculty/staff to share via E-net, newsletters and other media. Additionally, the committee members will incorporate public relations duties into their roles to help “market” the LGBTQIA alumni network at university and community events, functions, activities, etc. Also, the committee members are responsible for reporting committee notes and information and assisting with the maintenance of the main website.

Homecoming & Special Events Committee: The Homecoming and Special Events Committee creates a safe and fun environment for LGBTQIA students, alumni, faculty, staff and their families during Elon's Homecoming. The committee provides a home for the diverse LGBTQIA community at homecoming. In addition to the annual homecoming event, this committee hosts or co-hosts special events throughout the year including but not limited to social, service and educational events for the community and their families.

Outreach & Networking Committee: The purpose of the Elon LGBTQIA Outreach & Networking Committee is to create a support system of professional alumni and Elon University faculty and staff who are excited to offer advice, guidance, and opportunities for current Elon University students as well as alumni. This will be done through a mentoring program for current students and through networking and professional development opportunities. The committee will work closely with the Elon University Student Professional Development Center in order to best support the needs of our LGBTQIA students and will promote active involvement on behalf of LGBTQIA alumni within the Elon Mentor Network.  The committee will also serve as an advocate for current LGBTQIA Elon University faculty and staff to ensure that these important stakeholders are having their needs met by the University.

Awards & Recognition Committee: The purpose of the Awards & Recognition Committee is to recognize LGBTQIA alumni, faculty, staff, and students who have made a significant contribution to the university and/or have made significant/historical contributions to LGBTQIA people and the overall society. The Awards & Recognition Committee will encourage alumni, faculty, staff, and students to nominate people each year and select a class of awardees that will be comprised of 3-5 people. 

Scholarship & Philanthropy Committee: The Scholarship & Philanthropy Committee will develop recommendations regarding funds, programs and projects that the alumni network will officially support. The committee will collaborate with the communication committee develop the messages and campaigns to encourage giving. The committee will also develop an annual calendar and plan for a long-term fundraising goal and a possible scholarship fund for the network.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement atalumni@elon..edu with any questions or if you are interested in joining a committee.

And don't forget to turn yourself in!

We want to hear about what's going on in your life. Have you hosted an impromptu alumni gathering? Gotten married? Received a graduate degree? Retired? Gone on an exciting adventure? Please let us know at www.elon.edu/classnotes.


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