Gender Affirming Medical/Health Services

Queer Oriented Rural Resources Network

Alamance County

The Queer-Oriented Rural Resource Network (QORRN) is dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ individuals in rural communities access the resources and services they need. Millions of LGBTQ+ individuals live in rural parts of our country where locating and accessing resources can be difficult. Their volunteers have spent hundreds of hours searching for providers in rural communities so you don’t have to!

Trans in the South

A Directory of Trans-Affirming Health & Legal Service Providers

Trans in the South is a directory of Trans-Affirming Health & Legal Service Providers throughout the south and holds a directory of more than 400 Southern health service providers who are trans-affirming. In addition to a virtual, searchable directory, they also have compiled resources to assist with funding medical transition and helpful information about insurance coverage.

The lists include the following across 13 Southern states

  • Trans-friendly mental health providers
  • Primary care physicians
  • HIV care specialists
  • Attorneys
  • Endocrinologists
  • And more!

Planned Parenthood HRT Services

Offered in Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh

Along with reproductive healthcare services, the Planned Parenthood locations listed provide Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy as one of their services.

“Planned Parenthood is proud to provide a safe and welcoming place to get transgender/nonbinary hormone therapy. We offer services to transgender women, transgender men, and nonbinary people.”

Their services include:

  • Estrogen and anti-androgen hormone therapy
  • Testosterone hormone therapy
  • Puberty blockers

**Note: Elon Health Services will help people administer shots if they need help.  Kimberlee Butler, P.A.-C ( is the contact and a good ally and has experience with trans healthcare and has attended trans health conferences such as the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference.**


Virtual Gender-Affirming Care offered in North Carolina

Plume provides gender-affirming care directly from your smartphone. They have experienced healthcare providers who understand the unique needs of the trans community.

Membership with Plume includes everything you need to start, continue, and maintain your gender-affirming hormone treatment. They know everyone has different goals for their transition and we are here to help you navigate your journey.


Individual primary care consults from LGBTQ+ specialized providers

FOLX health operates on a monthly FOLX HRT membership that includes all you need to begin your medical transition. They also have an expansive digital library covering topics such as transition, sexual health, community, mind/body, etc.

The monthly FOLX HRT membership subscription will include:

  • Medications shipped directly to your address
  • Supplies for any medications shipped to you, including needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, a sharps container, etc.
  • Lab work in an at-home kit sent directly to you, or at your nearest Quest Diagnostics
  • Expert 1-on-1 telehealth visits with our trans-centric clinicians
  • Unlimited messaging with your care team
  • Prescription refills & lab reminders
  • Letters for document name change & surgery
  • Easily add on any other FOLX products in the future