What is the Kiki Ball at Elon?

The Kiki Ball at Elon was created in 2021 by two graduate students: Jamie Wire & Marjae Jackson. Through collaboration with the GLC and CREDE, we are able to host an event inspired by LGBTQIA ballroom culture that centers Queer and Trans People of Color.¬†Historically in balls, people “walk” (compete) in various categories to win trophies. Walking a category is as simple as walking down the runway as a model or performing Vogue (a specific type of dancing). Any student, staff, or faculty member can walk any category. People often choose extravagant outfits that match or are inspired by the theme of each category. A panel of 5 judges award points to each participant and the person with the most points win the trophy for that category. Judges are typically elders of the local LGBTQIA communities so our judges are current faculty and staff at Elon in an attempt to foster new mentor/mentee relationships. Groups of friends can compete as a “house” (team) to win trophies as a collective.

Preceding the Kiki Ball is a series of educational programming that is meant to highlight LGBTQIA history and the importance of balls to our communities. This event serves as a new way for students, faculty, and staff to connect with each other in a wholesome atmosphere.

To learn more about LGBTQIA ballroom culture and history, visit these resources: