Donate to help LGBTQIA students at Elon!

Thank you in advance for supporting LGBTQIA students during Elon University’s Elon Day on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 !  Last year was our largest Elon Day yet, and the LGBTQIA-designated fund received funds from so many brand new LGBTQIA & Ally donors!

Each year we provide 10-to-15 student awards and scholarships to LGBTQIA & Ally students who are strong leaders working to advance LGBTQIA education & inclusion at Elon!

Please consider supporting the LGBTQIA-designated fund which supports current LGBTQIA & Ally students as well as Gender & LGBTQIA Center initiatives including :

  • LGBTQIA & Ally Student Awards and Scholarships
  • Campus events, education, and national speakers on LGBTQIA topics
  • Sending students to conferences including CampusPride’s LGBTQIA Camp Pride, NGLTF Creating Change, etc

Here’s how to donate:

  • Go to this webpage
  • In the “Designation” drop-down, scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Other.”
  • Type in “LGBTQIA Fund” and submit your donation!
  • If you’re an employee, you can request a paycheck donation each month.

Donations of any size matter! Thank you so much for donation and changing LGBTQIA students’ lives!