Universal restroom locations mapWe have 100 universal bathrooms for our safety and privacy. The term “universal” is used to indicate that people of all genders can use these restrooms, which are single-stall and lockable. Many universal restrooms contain baby changing tables. In our campus recreation and athletic facilities, our universal restrooms have been converted into private changing areas for people of all genders. If you don’t see one on this list that you know exists, contact us so we can put the information below.

The universal restrooms below are accessible during the building’s normal business hours. Locations with an * indicate limited access. For example, a student may have to be a resident of the Global Neighborhood in order to swipe their Phoenix Card into the Global buildings after dark or on weekends.

Academic Village:

Belk Pavilion: 109, 110, 204, 205
Spence Pavilion: 106, 107, 204, 205
Kenan Pavilion: 105
Cannon Pavilion: 105
Gray Pavilion: 106, 108, 202, 204
Numen Lumen Pavilion:  204, 206

Moseley Center:

Irazu Café: 1 restroom
Moseley: 227, 228
Lakeside Meeting rooms: 210 (past the men’s & women’s restrooms)
Inman Admissions Center: 3 restrooms on the 2nd floor

Global Neighborhood:

Global Commons: 108*
Global (A): 106A, 106B
*Global (B): 110A, 110B
*Global (C): 103E
*Global (D): 110A, 110B
*Global (E): 110A, 110B
Center for Leadership: 102A, 103A, 104, 106

Historic Neighborhood:

Carlton:  111A, 111B
Mooney Hall: 106
McEwen Dining: 106A, 106B, 201, 202
Whitley: 105 & 106
Schar: 1 bathroom, lower level

Colonnades Residence Halls:

*Story Center (A): 116
*Moffitt (B): 114
*Kivette (C): 190
*Staley (D): 190
*Harper (E): 190

Center for Arts:

*Center for Arts: 132A, 133A, 134A (Three restrooms backstage; Accessible to the general public during school hours but not during performances)

Arts West:

Purchasing: 103
Business Services: 114

East Campus:

Powell House: 103, 204
Sklut Hillel: 3 bathrooms
Francis Center: 103, 105


Danieley Commons -1 universal restroom

Athletics & Campus Recreation:

*Koury Center:  107B, 107C, 107D, 107E (Lower level of the fitness center)
*Koury Fieldhouse: 106, 107
*Softball Fieldhouse: 102
*Harden Clubhouse:  4 universal restrooms

South Campus:

*Ellington: 101D, 103A, 104I, 110, 116, 118B, 122A, 128D, 129D, 133D (104I & 118B are accessible to all students, Counseling & Health Services waiting rooms)
Worsley: 103, 105
Holland: 105, 114, 202, 212
Holt Chapel: 100A
Johnston: 102, 108, 109, 110
Truitt Hall: 110
Psych/Human Services: Located near classroom 102