Donate to help LGBTQIA students at Elon!

Thank you in advance for supporting LGBTQIA students during Elon University’s Elon Day on Tuesday, March 5, 2019!  Last year was our largest Elon Day yet, and the LGBTQIA-designated fund received funds from so many brand new LGBTQIA & Ally donors!

Each year we provide 10-to-15 student awards and scholarships to LGBTQIA & Ally students who are strong leaders working to advance LGBTQIA education & inclusion at Elon!

Please consider supporting the LGBTQIA-designated fund which supports current LGBTQIA & Ally students as well as Gender & LGBTQIA Center initiatives including :

  • LGBTQIA & Ally Student Awards and Scholarships
  • Campus events, education, and national speakers on LGBTQIA topics
  • Sending students to conferences including CampusPride’s LGBTQIA Camp Pride, NGLTF Creating Change, etc

If you’re an employee, you can request a paycheck donation each month.
Donations of any size matter! Thank you so much for donation and changing LGBTQIA students’ lives!