The Gender & LGBTQIA Center supports many different areas and students at Elon.

LGBTQIA Student Support

At Elon, we strive to make our students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel they belong on campus, no matter their specific gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or romantic orientation. We want students to feel from the moment they get here, that they can be fully successful from their very 1st day as an Elon student through their final day at Elon Commencement.

Confidential Support for Survivors of Gender-based Violence

The Gender & LGBTQIA Center houses confidential violence response, including 24-hour coverage of Safeline. If you have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking, there are resources available to you, whether it occurred during your time as a student, staff, or faculty member or before coming to Elon. To be directed to a confidential advocate to discuss options for support, please click here to schedule a meeting or call our 24/7 Safeline at 336-278-3333.

LGBTQIA Education

The Gender & LGBTQIA center holds various different trainings across campus with topics including the latest identity terminology, LGBTQIA history, homophobia, heterosexism, ally tips, real-life scenarios, and current events.

Gender-based Violence Prevention Education

Contributing to a campus culture that does not tolerate and actively prevents violence is the responsibility of us all! The Gender & LGBTQIA Center collaborates closely with campus and community partners to create messaging and programming towards the prevention of gender-based violence, including sexual and relationship violence, gender-based bias and harassment, and stalking.