Format, Dates & Signups:

  • 40-min to 2-hour trainings including the latest identity terminology, LGBTQIA history, homophobia, heterosexism, ally tips, real-life scenarios, and current events.
  • To request an LGBTQIA Ally Training please fill out this form. All requests must be submitted 10 days ahead of the requested time.

Attendees Receive:

  • Education on LGBTQIA-related topics and issues
  • Ally pin & stickers
  • Certificate of completion

What if I Can’t Attend?

The Gender & LGBTQIA Center also creates separate tailor-made LGBTQIA Ally Trainings for…

  • Faculty Departments & Staff Offices
  • Guest Lectures in Academic Courses
  • High-Impact Student Leader Groups (i.e. Athletes, Greek LIfe, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, Tour Guides, etc.)
  • Student Organizations

Student Organizations Commonly Request these Topics:

  • Ally Techniques & Combating Bias
  • Gender Equity
  • Gender & LGBTQIA Topics within a specific Academic Discipline
  • Historical Moments & Influential People across LGBTQIA Movements
  • Homophobia & Heterosexism
  • Intersectionality of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity with race, class, age, disability, faith, etc.
  • Language Terms around Gender & LGBTQIA topics
  • LGBTQIA Student Leadership
  • Research on LGBTQIA Identity Development
  • Trans-specific Topics & Trans Allyship\
  • Pronouns