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Computer Lab & Classroom Upgrades

Over 40 classrooms were upgraded to include a computer at the instructor’s station. These new computers are a part of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project.
Learn more about this project and see a list of spaces using this technology.


Emergency Notification System

The quickest way for you to receive notifications critical to your safety and well being!
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Free Backup Space for Students

30GB of cloud storage space through Google Drive

Read more about this free service offered to students through Elon University.


Campus print stations upgraded

Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies continually evaluates and updates our services to meet the changing and growing needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Read more about the new features and what you need to know to take advantage of them.


Technology Headlines


  • Cyber security: our shared responsibility

    ncsam_facebook_cover_photo_2014October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).  All month consumers, businesses, colleges and universities, corporations, and the government will be working together to promote awareness and share online safety tips.  Increasing the awareness and education about cyber security helps to explain the risks when online.  The Department of Homeland Security has an ongoing campaign called STOP. THINK. CONNECT.  Those three … Continue Reading
  • Tech I can’t live without: Joe Incorvia

    kdkdStudent Government Association’s Executive President. Biochemistry major. Brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Senior Joe Incorvia has a lot of roles on campus, and with those roles comes a very hectic schedule. That is why Joe Incorvia can’t live without Sunrise. What is Sunrise? Sunrise is a calendar application that syncs all your calendars into one place. By downloading the application … Continue Reading
  • How answering two questions will make your next presentation better

    bad color scheme exampleAccording to the National Institute of Health, about 3 in 4 Americans are afraid of public speaking. I’m that 1 in 4 who loves it. I love presenting! Even as an introvert, the thrill of being on stage and giving a great presentation is rarely matched by anything else. It’s taken years to refine my presentations skills and techniques, which I’m now … Continue Reading
  • Just a twenty-something and an iPad

    IMG_0024My mom bought our first home desktop computer when I was about five-years-old and for a majority of its life it sat in the computer hutch, copletely untouched. No one could figure out how to use the bulky machine…until I found it. Thus began a beautiful friendship. From the tender age of five, my parents have always believed that I am a wiz-kid who can explain any of their computer questions, but truthfully, I’m the only one brave enough to keep hittng buttons until something clicks. Continue Reading
  • My iPad and Me: An Introduction

    This is a picture of me in Disneyland back in 2012!Hello! My name is Amanda, and I am freshman this year at Elon University. I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life. Read on to learn more about me! To start off, I was born and raised in New Jersey, but not the Jersey Shore. As much as I wish I was from the shore, the closest beach … Continue Reading

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