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Computer Lab & Classroom Upgrades

Over 40 classrooms were upgraded to include a computer at the instructor’s station. These new computers are a part of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project.
Learn more about this project and see a list of spaces using this technology.


Emergency Notification System

The quickest way for you to receive notifications critical to your safety and well being!
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Free Backup Space for Students

30GB of cloud storage space through Google Drive

Read more about this free service offered to students through Elon University.


Campus print stations upgraded

Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies continually evaluates and updates our services to meet the changing and growing needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Read more about the new features and what you need to know to take advantage of them.


Technology Headlines


  • Farewell, Internet Explorer

    browser-death-bedAugust marks the twentieth anniversary of Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s flagship web browser. On the eve of such an anniversary, many were caught off-guard at the end of March when Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer would take a backseat to a new browser—tentatively titled Project Spartan. Die-hard fans of IE shouldn’t worry quite yet, as Microsoft noted that Project Spartan will … Continue Reading
  • Scholarship search made easy with Scholly

    scholly-logo1Many college students are under the impression that once they’ve begun their undergraduate careers, the window for scholarship applications has closed. On the contrary, there are thousands of scholarship opportunities open to undergrads; it’s just a matter of finding them. But sometimes, this is the hardest part. You could spend a lot of time Googling some variance of the word “scholarship” plus … Continue Reading
  • Fitbit Charge HR Review: Overhyped and Underwhelming

    Fitbit Charge HRHere’s the dirty secret about fitness tracker reviews: Most of them aren’t accurate. A reviewer will get a fancy new fitness tracker from the manufacturer, toy around with it for a day or so, then write up a review based on that limited use. I suspect that’s one of the reasons Fitbit’s new Charge HR has received such positive hype. Heck, even … Continue Reading
  • Lenovo owners should be aware of Superfish

    16438398988_f2553e7d7f_oIt was September 2014 when Lenovo, a Chinese-based computer technology company, revealed that they had sold an unknown number of computers containing preloaded adware known as Superfish. The reveal shocked many who criticized Lenovo for not doing more to vet the component before allowing it to be installed on an untold number of computers. But what is Superfish? What should … Continue Reading
  • Use Explain Everything to explain… everything

    Sample projectExplain Everything is an app with the purpose of doing just that: explaining everything. Described by its creators as an interactive white board, there really isn’t much that you can’t do with Explain Everything. With the ability to type, draw or insert videos, pictures, documents, clip art, and webpages, you can customize your presentations however you would like. Explain Everything also … Continue Reading

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