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Computer Lab & Classroom Upgrades

Over 40 classrooms were upgraded to include a computer at the instructor’s station. These new computers are a part of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project.
Learn more about this project and see a list of spaces using this technology.


Emergency Notification System

The quickest way for you to receive notifications critical to your safety and well being!
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Free Backup Space for Students

30GB of cloud storage space through Google Drive

Read more about this free service offered to students through Elon University.


Campus print stations upgraded

Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies continually evaluates and updates our services to meet the changing and growing needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Read more about the new features and what you need to know to take advantage of them.


Technology Headlines


  • Managing your account passwords

    Earlier this month, Instructional & Campus Technologies upgraded the Self-Service Password Maintenance site that allows faculty, staff, and students the ability to manage their account passwords. The upgraded site makes it easier than ever for users to change their account passwords without contacting the Technology Service Desk. What’s new? The upgrades to the Self-Service Password Maintenance site provide easier navigation … Continue Reading
  • Exploring Keynote

    keynoteiconThis article is a part of the Writing with Thumbs project – a year-long look at iPad apps and accessories that support writing. Read more about the project here.   For most of us, a professor’s instruction to “make a presentation” is basically synonymous with “make a PowerPoint.” Everyone and their mother knows how to make a PowerPoint presentation, which may … Continue Reading
  • Adobe Voice: Presentations with personality

    Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.28.40 PMThis article is a part of the Writing with Thumbs project – a year-long look at iPad apps and accessories that support writing. Read more about the project here.  I’ve been abroad for a little over a month and a half now, and it’s been quite the adventure. As a good student/daughter/friend, I’ve been trying to document my time through pictures … Continue Reading
  • Take better notes with OneNote

    Brad Flickinger, "student_ipad_school - 141" January 12, 2012 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.If you’re anything like me, you understand how important it is to take good notes. I prefer taking notes the old fashioned way by actually taking a pen a writing words down on real paper (yes, people do still do that). I must admit that using an app for note taking made me a little nervous. After using OneNote for … Continue Reading
  • Be careful with spam emails

    spammsgOver the last few weeks, Elon University has experienced an influx in spam emails being sent to students, faculty, and staff. The emails that have been reported to the Technology Service Desk have become as chameleon-like as ever, coming in different shapes and forms that somehow do an excellent job of mimicking an official Elon University look. Here are some … Continue Reading

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