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Computer Lab & Classroom Upgrades

Over 40 classrooms were upgraded to include a computer at the instructor’s station. These new computers are a part of our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project.
Learn more about this project and see a list of spaces using this technology.


Emergency Notification System

The quickest way for you to receive notifications critical to your safety and well being!
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Free Backup Space for Students

30GB of cloud storage space through Google Drive

Read more about this free service offered to students through Elon University.


Campus print stations upgraded

Elon’s Instructional and Campus Technologies continually evaluates and updates our services to meet the changing and growing needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Read more about the new features and what you need to know to take advantage of them.


Technology Headlines


  • Faculty and staff explore maker technologies at #MakeElon luncheon

    Participants learn about circuits. Photo by Dan Reis.Even though the #MakeElon luncheon had already been in full swing for about 20 minutes, the sandwiches and cookies had not been touched. Faculty, staff, and students were far too busy enjoying experimenting with the different types of technology set up around the room. A few pieces of the technology on display included moldable plastic, Legos and circuits, a 3D … Continue Reading
  • Exploring 3D printing during #MakeElon workshop

    One of ElonYou may have noticed the large black cart standing in the corner of Belk Library by the Writing Center. On top sits a 3D printer. At Elon’s latest #MakeElon workshop, multimedia developer J.P. Lavoie led the students, faculty and staff who attended through interactive activities to see what exactly a 3D printer is capable of. 3D design for all The first step … Continue Reading
  • Best Practices with DIY Video: CAMERA!

    This is a compilation of three images showing a man sitting 2, 3, and 6 feet away from a webcam.Do you record your own videos for class? Do you want them to look better? This is part two of a series on recording great videos. The first section, LIGHTS!, focused on setting up your lights to make you look even better. We’re following it up this article, CAMERA!, where I’ll provide a brief overview on setting up your camera and background. … Continue Reading
  • Password policy changes for your protection

    Password-securityIn April, Instructional & Campus Technologies (ICT) implemented changes in our Password Policy. As a result, this will affect how faculty and staff interact with technicians for computer support. What’s changed? In the past, faculty and staff were accustomed to providing their usernames and passwords for computer support to members of ICT. In order to protect the integrity and security … Continue Reading
  • Dr. Matt Valle uses self-made videos, online resources to supplement student learning

    GetImageInstructional videos are a popular way to deliver course content, but it can be difficult to get started. Dr. Matt Valle, a Martha and Spencer Love term professor of management, has tried his hand at video recording, and he realizes that sometimes, better video resources are already available on the Internet. For him, deciding whether to create videos, find them online … Continue Reading

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