Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) advances and supports the use of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and faculty, staff, and student experiences at Elon. TLT is comprised of technology professionals who specialize in instructional technology, video production, multimedia design, video engineering, equipment checkout, maker education, and IT communications.


We believe that technology can significantly enhance teaching, learning, and the Elon experience when used in concert with the expertise, goals, and strategies of committed faculty and staff, supported by knowledgeable, creative, and dedicated technology staff. We strive to provide consultations, training, software, hardware, infrastructure, and support that advances teaching, engaged learning, innovation, professional development, and our work environment. We remain attentive to the changing landscape of technology and how it can be utilized to help our campus learn, thrive, connect, and rise. We are committed to providing students with on-campus employment and mentoring that builds their professional skills through the hands-on experience of delivering technology services to our campus community.

Organizational Structure and Services

TLT is organized into two teams, each offering a set of core services, and with staff working collaboratively across the department for the benefit of our customers.

Learning Design and Support Team: Core Services

  • Design, advance, and support the use of instructional technology across a broad range of academic and administrative programs and initiatives
  • Resolve issues related to technology use in teaching, including support of the learning management system (LMS) and ecosystem of tools
  • Consult with others to develop innovative and creative instructional technology solutions for academic programs, departments, and administrative units
  • Design, develop, and produce modules, videos, graphics, and creative elements to support both academic and organizational efforts – with a focus on the development of individual components or modules for on-demand learning and digital signage
  • Contribute to faculty, staff, and student experiences by offering professional development and skill building opportunities that allow for the effective and efficient use of technology in the teaching and learning ecosystem, Microsoft Office 365, and other technology tools

Learning Experiences and Operations Team: Core Services

  • Design, develop, and advance learning experiences – with a focus on the use, maintenance, and support of facilities, equipment, and operations of the Maker Hubs, television studios, control rooms, and checkout equipment in Media Services and the Gear Room
  • Partner with faculty and staff to offer tools, services, and facilities that support instruction and curricular learning outcomes
  • Lead campus efforts related to:
    • Video engineering, production, and broadcasting in Schar Center, Alumni Gym, the television studios, and other venues – partnering with campus units on cultural events, academic classes, student media, and athletics games broadcast by Elon Sports Vision
    • Maker education – offering creative workshops and programming that builds the maker mindset and engagement in the Maker Hub’s Downtown and Colonnades locations
    • Equipment checkout – providing audio and video equipment to support innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning
  • Contribute to student, faculty, and staff experiences by offering opportunities for engagement, hands-on-learning, creative pursuits, and professional skill development in video production, broadcasting, the use of audio and visual equipment, and maker hub tools

In addition to these core services, TLT houses the Communications Strategist for IT. The Communications Strategist develops and implements marketing and communication strategies for the Office of Information Technology (IT), focusing efforts on communicating with our end-users on initiatives, projects, and service updates/changes.

TLT also collaborates closely with the Faculty Fellow for Technology, a key partner for Information Technology (IT). The Fellow explores new and emerging technologies, serves as a liaison with faculty and IT staff to share fresh ideas and skills, and provides insight and academic thought on technology priorities and initiatives. They leverage their network to promote and broadly communicate information between the academic community and the IT staff.

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