What is a Technology Champion?

An Elon Technology Champion is a liaison between Information Technology (IT), their department/area and the Elon community.

A Champion provides first line support and coaching and identifies training needs for all members of the Champion’s department/area. As an advocate, a Champion brings technology initiatives and knowledge to their area on behalf of IT and lobbies for their peers in relation to technology resources and support.

Mission Statement

We are a network linking the Elon community to improve technology utilization as a resource liaison for our peers.


A Technology Champion increases their knowledge and the assistance provided to colleagues allows their department/area to become more efficient. As the level of expertise rises, the department/area can explore new projects and ideas more easily. A communication network with other Champions helps increase University business process knowledge and expands awareness.

From a personal standpoint, being a Champion is a good leadership opportunity. Champions are technology leaders in their area and have the satisfaction of helping others. Working closely with IT allows for the opportunity to provide feedback and input on new technology initiatives. Additional benefits include:

  • Early access to new software
  • Increased access to training
  • Conference attendance with supervisor/IT approval
  • Customized professional development


  • Improve utilization of technology
  • Provide first line support for department/area peers to answer specific system functionality questions
  • Determine training and coaching needs for department/area peers
  • Coordinate higher level learning with IT trainers
  • Conduct testing of software updates
  • Provide input and feedback on technology projects
  • Coordinate documentation specific to the technology in the Champion’s department/area
  • Communicate with other Champions to share process improvement across campus


  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Open and adaptable to change
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solver
  • Willingness to learn
  • Approachable
  • Basic technology skills