Hiring Technology Resource Guide

Instructional & Campus Technologies (ICT) offers many technologies that can benefit you throughout the hiring process. These technologies can help facilitate interviews, store hiring documents, find candidates, and much more.

If you have questions about any of the technologies listed on this page, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200 or by emailing servicedesk@elon.edu.


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Starting a Search/Getting Started

Need an email address? (faculty only)

Search committees often use a shared email address (e.g., facultysearch@elon.edu) to receive correspondence from applicants during a search. If you need an address for this purpose, contact the Technology Service Desk and request a shared mailbox. 

Shared mailboxes make it easy for a group of people to monitor and send email from common email addresses. This way, you can have several people checking and responding to emails from one email mailbox.
Learn more about shared mailboxes.

AppTrack (staff only)

AppTrack is the recruitment and hiring system for staff employees. This system provides hiring managers with access to all applicant materials. Within AppTrack, applicant information, documents, and notes are stored digitally creating a streamlined approval and review system. Further, AppTrack allows you to easily communicate with applicants throughout the search and interview process.
Learn more about AppTrack.


Generate Candidates

Online Job Postings

Search committee chairs may contact the Recruitment Coordinator to develop an advertisement and recruitment plan. This plan will include job sites that the listing may be posted on to attract a robust pool of applicants.

For more information on online job postings, contact the Recruitment Coordinator at 336-278-5560. Please be prepared to discuss specific sites you have in mind to post the job listing.


Evaluate Candidates

Working with your committee

  • Moodle (faculty only)
    In addition to housing academic courses, Moodle can also be used for faculty search committees. Moodle provides a centralized location for saving documents and communicating with applicants.

    Contact the Technology Service Desk to request a Moodle site for your faculty search or to set up a consultation on how Moodle can help your search.
    Learn more about Moodle.

  • OneDrive for Business
    OneDrive for Business is a great tool for document storage during a hiring search. Commonly used file types (such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notebooks, and video/audio files) may be uploaded and shared via OneDrive. When sharing files, you may also set permissions for how others access and interact with files.
    Learn more about OneDrive for Business.

  • OneNote
    OneNote is a helpful tool for sharing meeting notes with members of your search committee. With this tool, you can organize ideas and thoughts about a candiate both in real-time and asynchronously with your team.

    OneNote is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite and is also accessible here by logging in with your elon.edu email address.
    Learn more about OneNote.

  • Qualtrics
    Qualtrics is a survey tool available to faculty, staff, and students. This tool allows you to create and send surveys, send participation invitations and reminders, display results in real time, and export raw data in CSV, XML, HTML, and SPSS formats.

    Qualtrics is also useful for collecting feedback on candidates from search committees and for gathering other types of information (e.g., preferred meeting times/locations for search committee meetings).
    Please note: Support of this tool is offered through Qualtrics Support, not the Technology Service Desk.
    Learn more about Qualtrics.

  • SharePoint Team Site
    Faculty and Staff may use a SharePoint Team Site as a tool for collaboration, document storage, and to share applicant lists with committee members. With a SharePoint Team Site, search committees are provided with a customizable team site for internal collaboration throughout the hiring process.

    When contacting the Technology Service Desk to create a SharePoint Team Site for a faculty search, make sure you can provide the following information: name of the committee chair, the title and year of the search, names of committee members, and the names of anyone else who needs administrative-level access (e.g., deans or program assistants).
    Learn more about SharePoint.

Virtual Interviews

  • WebEx
    WebEx is a video conferencing platform used to host meetings and collaboate across teams. WebEx conferences can include desktop sharing, document sharing, and are useful for video interviews. WebEx is Elon's preffered method for video conferencing. Consider sending candidates and first-time users these tips for a successful WebEx experience.
    Learn more about WebEx

  • Skype for Business
    Skype for Business makes it easy to connect and collaborate with others around the world via instant messaging and video conferencing. Skype for Business also allows you make voice calls, schedule and join meetings, and present your screen during meetings.
    Learn more about Skype for Business.

On Campus Interviews

Close the Search

Once you have filled the position, any files related to the search should be packaged and forwarded to the Office of Human Resources, ATTN: Recruitment Coordinator. If you have questions about what should be submitted, consult with the Recruitment Coordinator at 336-278-5560.