Previous Technology Strategic Plans

2008-2012 Technology Strategic Plan

This plan is centered around three goals:

  1. Improve on an excellent infrastructure from which the university can build technologies that support the mission.
  2. Leverage technology through innovation and integration to improve university services, save university resources and to further academic and administrative initiatives.
  3. Develop an organization that meets university requirements and is positioned for the future to keep pace with changing needs.

View the 2008-2012 Technology Strategic Plan [PDF]

2004-2007 Technology Strategic Plan

This plan built upon the advances of the 2000-2003 plan, making a broad range of technologies and support available for faculty, academic requirements and classrooms. While the focus was high on academics, we also focused on strengthening the Technology Help Desk and making classrooms, the network and systems more reliable and functional.

View the 2004-2007 Technology Strategic Plan [PDF]

2000-2003 Technology Strategic Plan

As our first technology strategic plan, the 2000-2003 plan reflected extensive internal assessments and campus-wide discussion.

The plan was based on the following vision areas:

  • Technology that facilitates a knowledge-building community of learners and scholars
  • Technology that prepares students for an information-based world
  • Technology that is pervasive across campus and that reaches across time and distance to be accessed anytime, anywhere

View the 2000-2003 Technology Strategic Plan [PDF]