Groups & Workshops: Fall 2017

Give Power to Your Voice - A new therapy group for women.

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Mindfulness Workshops

What, exactly, is mindfulness? Basically, it is a state of intentional awareness in which the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing and thinking, and to the space around you. Seems simple, yet we so often mentally veer from the matter at hand. Our mind gets distracted, we lose touch with our body, and pretty soon we’re engrossed in obsessive thoughts about something that just happened or fretting about the future. And that makes us anxious or depressed and often overwhelmed.

If you want to train your brain to experience this state of awareness often, it’s best to practice. Join us for a Mindfulness Workshop or Retreat to learn proven techniques to help you better manage what’s going on in your mind. We learn seated, walking, standing, eating, and moving meditations, yoga techniques, and guided visualizations.

All sessions will be held at the Oasis located on the 2nd floor of the Truitt Center.

  • Session 1 - Tuesdays: September 12, 19, 26, and October 3 from 4:15-5:30pm
  • Session 2 - Fridays: October 20, 27, and November 3 and 10 from 2:30-3:45pm

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  • Saturday, December 2nd: 4-hour silent retreat, time to be determined

Registration for the retreat will be available closer to the retreat date.

For more information about mindfulness opportunities on Elon’s campus, contact Jennifer Brigman at