Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

BASICS is an acronym for Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students; it consists of individual sessions with trained interviewers in which students examine their own drinking behavior in a confidential, judgment-free environment. The goal is to help students take a critical look at their choices and ultimately reduce their risks.

BASICS is comprised of two individual meetings with a trained faculty or staff facilitator. Students are required to complete several brief assignments between the first and second meeting. As part of the BASICS program, students will examine their own drinking behavior in a private, judgment-free environment. Goals of the BASICS program include reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences to self and/or others.

BASICS is part of a tiered substance-abuse intervention program at Elon University. BASICS is the standard sanction for second-time university alcohol policy violations involving no signs of extreme intoxication and is the standard sanction for first-time alcohol policy violations with signs of significant intoxication. A student may also be referred to BASICS by certain university faculty and staff (e.g. coaches, program administrators, etc.).


  1. Complete BASICS information form located here, or by clicking the button below.
  2. The program coordinator will assign you to a BASICS facilitator, who will contact you via email within 5 business days to set up your first meeting, if you do not hear from a facilitator within one week of submitting the online form, please contact the BASICS program coordinator.
  3. You are responsible for communicating promptly with your BASICS facilitator. Repeated failures to respond to contact, cancellations or failure to appear on-time for meetings will result in your referral to the Office of Student Conduct for an honor code charge of “Failure to Comply.”
  4. The information you share as part of the BASICS program is private. Information regarding your past/current history of substance use will not be reported to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary referral.  If subsequent incidents involving alcohol or other substances occur, information may be shared with an assessment provider (counselor, psychologist, etc.) for determining appropriate recommendations.
  5. If you have been sanctioned to complete BASICS, the program coordinator will notify the Office of Student Conduct of your completion. You will receive a copy of this email notice. If you receive a notice of an overdue sanction and you have completed the program, please contact the program coordinator at