Referral Resources

Counseling Services acknowledges the inherent limitations of providing mental health care in a university setting. Students requesting or requiring consistent weekly, specialized, or intensive clinical services, or with needs that otherwise cannot be accommodated through our brief services may be best served by community providers. Students can request a Care Coordination appointment with our Referral Coordinator for assistance in finding an off-campus provider. You can also find additional frequently asked questions on the MiResource website.

The following are databases that can also assist you in identifying off-campus providers and resources:

Mental Health Screening Tool

Seventy-five percent of behavioral health conditions are diagnosed by the age of 24. Initial symptoms often appear during the college years, when exploratory behaviors with substances and alcohol also begin. The college years are an exciting time of personal growth, but they can also bring academic, social, and financial pressures, which can worsen underlying mental health and substance use issues.

By taking a brief MindWise Screening, students can learn if they have a behavioral health issue and learn signs and symptoms. Various screenings are available to explore symptoms of depression and anxiety, alcohol use, disordered eating, and general well-being. Students can take the screening on their phone, a laptop, or tablet – anonymously and from the privacy of their own dorm room.

Headspace App

This app is great for people getting started with meditation. The first level in the program teaches you meditation in easily digestible ten-minute sessions. The Headspace app student plan is available for only $9.99 per year.