Counseling Services utilizes a brief therapy approach to provide goal-focused therapeutic interventions to support the emotional, social, and academic goals of Elon students. Clinical services within this framework are recommended based on clinical assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. Students are encouraged to schedule an initial clinical assessment (first appointment) to discuss their concerns with a provider who will help determine the most appropriate treatment option(s) to address their concerns. Some students may require services and interventions beyond the Scope of Clinical Care for Counseling Services.

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Clinical Assessment

The clinical assessment provides an opportunity to meet with a counselor to discuss your presenting concerns and develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs. You will be required to complete standardized forms prior to the appointment. The counselor will likely ask questions about your mental health history, family, background, and current functioning to help develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

Treatment recommendation may include: (1) referral for clinical services available through our office; (2) referral to a campus resource; and/or (3) referral to an off-campus resource for clinical needs beyond our scope of care.

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Group Counseling

Therapy groups are focused on understanding interactions between group members and regular attendance from the group members throughout the semester is expected. Group counseling is a small group setting in which students with similar concerns meet face-to-face with one or two therapists for typically an hour and a half. During group counseling, members talk about what is of concern to them and may provide feedback to each other. Feedback includes expressing your own feelings to others about what they say or do in the group. Interaction between group members is anticipated and provides each person an opportunity to learn about and try out new ways of interacting and relating.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for you to meet one-on-one with a counselor to address a particular concern. Individual counseling sessions usually last 45-50 minutes. Frequency of meetings is determined with consideration of clinical need and the Scope of Clinical Care.

Referral Support

Some students may require intensive, long-term treatment, and/or specialized care, including psychiatric services, that are beyond the scope of clinical care for Counseling Services. Counselors will meet with students to assess their needs and help coordinate referrals to resources in the local community as clinically appropriate.

Learn more about our Scope of Clinical Care or search for community providers using our Referral Resources.

Support Groups

Support groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly. Support groups exist for students to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and concerns within a safe space. Students can choose to participate in a support group during every meeting or come to some, but not all, of the meetings throughout the semester.

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Workshops feel like interactive learning in a classroom setting. They may occur as a single session or series. The workshop leader will present on a topic and teach the group members information and coping skills. Discussion with the workshop leader, as well as other attendees is often a common part of participating in a workshop.  Students can choose to attend one or all parts of a workshop series that is being offered.

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Psychiatric Services (via TimelyCare & Cone Health)

Elon has established partnerships with TimelyCare and Cone Health Outpatient Behavioral Health Services to offer psychiatric care to Elon students.

TimelyCare offers a limited number of free, virtual psychiatric appointments. Please contact Counseling Services at (336) 278-7280 for more information and the referral code. PLEASE NOTE: TimelyCare providers DO NOT assess for ADHD and DO NOT prescribe stimulant medication or other controlled substances.

Cone Health Outpatient Behavioral Health Services is a local provider option offering in person psychiatric care. To learn additional information about this partnership, click here: Alamance Regional Psychiatric Associates. Click here to see list of those providers.

Other community-based options are also available. Please see the MiResource database for more information.

Students currently under the care of a psychiatric provider, may should also consider options to have adequate supply of medication during months away at school and refills made via mail order or when the student returns home over academic breaks (i.e., Thanksgiving or Winter break).