All our counselors are fully licensed professionals and are legally bound to hold the information you share with them in confidence.  We adhere to ethical and professional standards.

Mental health professionals have a legal responsibility to disclose client information without prior consent in certain cases to protect clients and others.  These cases include: when a client poses a threat to harm themselves or others, possible abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, or when we are ordered by a judge or court under appropriate state and federal laws. This may include contacting other University staff or parents.

Your counselor may of course share information if you provide the appropriate consent.  Please talk with your counselor if you have any questions about any of the information in this confidentiality statement.


Please note that e-mail is not a confidential medium for communication. Because we are concerned about protecting our clients' privacy, Counseling Services does not use e-mail to discuss clients' clinical issues. In addition, each Counseling Center staff member does not maintain 24-hour access to e-mail accounts and may check e-mail infrequently.

We ask, therefore, that you direct non-appointment related concerns to the office via phone by contacting the Counseling Services at 336-278-7280. If you wish to make an appointment, you may do so by phoning the program assistant at 336-278-7280.   If you leave a message be sure to clearly state your name and phone number.   Please note, the program assistant is not in the office during the noon hour.