What to Expect at Counseling Services

Initial Appointment:
During your first appointment, you will meet with a counselor to discuss your concerns and set goals for what you would like to accomplish.  You and your counselor will collaborate to develop the most effective plan to meet your needs.  This may include coordination referral to resources on campus or in the local community.

Subsequent Appointments:
Counseling is a process.  Successful outcomes are possible when you are willing to explore concerns with your counselor, spend time between sessions reflection on your feelings and behaviors, and take actions your agreed to take toward your goals.

Our counselors work with students to address a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Academic performance
  • College transition
  • Illness of death of a loved one
  • Family, friend, and partner relationships
  • Gender identity
  • Disordered eating and body image
  • Sexual assault and violence
  • Self -image

Group counseling may be offered depending on student interest and scheduling availability.  Please contact the office for more information about available groups.