Overview of Services

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is a one-on-one discussion between the therapist and an individual with the focus of addressing a particular concern or problem. During your individual counseling sessions, you and your therapist will work collaboratively to explore your concerns and identify ways to achieve a desired outcome. You may be encouraged to try out new behaviors, to use books and other resources to increase your understanding and coping skills and to use other campus and community resources as appropriate. Often counselors will assign "homework" which occurs between sessions and this can be as important as the discussions that occur within sessions.

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Group Counseling
Group counseling occurs with multiple individuals facing a similar concern. Groups are typically led by one or two facilitators who help guide group discussions. Group counseling is a very effective treatment and, for certain concerns, the best form of treatment. Group experiences decrease feelings of isolation, reduce beliefs that you are the only one experiencing these issues, and provide encouragement by hearing about others' experiences. It is powerful to be around others who understand your experience and support you.

Learn more about our current group opportunities.

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Crisis Services
Crisis services are provided primarily for urgent safety concerns (e.g. thoughts of harming yourself or someone else). Counseling Services clinicians are available during office hours for crisis assessment and management. There are several campus emergency support systems available for crisis interventions after hours.

Learn more about Crisis Services/Emergency Assistance.

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There are times when faculty, staff, students, and family members have questions or are seeking guidance when concerned for a particular student. You may call Counseling Services schedule a consultation appointment with a therapist. The consultation may provide you with information regarding how you can respond or intervene with the student(s), and if applicable, how to make a successful referral to counseling or other relevant resources.

Please note that communication is limited by confidentiality. Staff can listen to and discuss your concerns and advise you on how to proceed, however, due to confidentiality our staff cannot reveal any information to you about a student (i.e., including if they are currently attending sessions or not) unless the student has signed a Release of Information specifically giving us permission to share information with you.

If you are looking for a University staff member to reach out to a student, or for administrative staff to be aware of your concerns, contact the Dean of Students Office at (336) 278-7200, or by submitting an online report.

Learn more about helping a student in distress.

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Psychiatric Care
Psychiatric services may be recommended for an individual when further assessment or medication intervention is determined to be a valuable component of the care plan to support their mental health goals. Students in need of a psychiatric evaluation and/or medication management may meet with a clinician to discuss referral options.

As a convenience to students, Counseling Services has coordinated with two local psychiatrists to provide independent services in the Ellington Health & Wellness Center.  Please note, these psychiatric services are not provided by Counseling Services staff, therefore, there are costs associated with these services. 

Dr. Tom Giduz is a psychiatrist in private practice. He is typically available to provide psychiatric services on campus Thursdays during the academic year, 8:00am-5:00pm. Students may schedule an appointment with Dr. Giduz by contacting his office directly at (919) 929-1101.

Dr. Janardhana Jonnalagadda, "Dr. J", is a psychiatrist affiliated with Cone Health. He is contracted to provide a limited number of psychiatric hours on campus. These services are limited primarily to those students who are in on-going treatment with a Counseling Services therapist for individual, couples, or group counseling. The psychiatric services are time limited and intended for acute stabilization. Dr. J is typically available on campus most Friday afternoons during the academic year. Students should consult with their therapist on campus about a referral.

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Outreach Programming
Counseling Services staff are available to present lectures, workshops, and programs to your group, organization, or class.  Our staff members possess expertise in mental health and developmental issues for college populations and are knowledgeable to address a wide variety of topics.  We will collaborate with you to tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your group.

If you are interested in scheduling an outreach program, please contact us.  To ensure that our staff has adequate time to prepare your presentation, please make all program requests at least two weeks in advance of the proposed program date.

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For those students who present concerns that would be better addressed with long term support or specialized services, counselors will help coordinate referrals to resources in the local community.  We encourage students to meet with a counselor to discuss the most effective resources for their needs.

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