Overview of Services

What to Expect from your Initial Appointment:
Your first contact with Counseling Services will typically be an initial assessment (intake appointment) in which you and the counselor will discuss your concerns and set goals for what you would like to accomplish.  You and your counselor will collaborate to develop the most effective plan to meet your needs.  This may include individual or group counseling within Counseling Services, psycho-educational workshop(s), and/or coordinating a referral to resources on campus or in the local community.  Please refer to our Scope of Clinical Care Statement to better understand the general parameters regarding what services are beyond the scope of care within our office.

Our counselors work with students to address a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Academic performance
  • College transition
  • Illness or death of a loved one
  • Family, friend, and partner relationships
  • Gender identity
  • Disordered eating and body image
  • Sexual assault and violence
  • Self-image                                                                                                                                                

Individual Counseling
Counseling is a process.  Successful outcomes are possible when you are willing to explore concerns with your counselor, spend time between sessions reflecting on your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and take actions you agreed to take toward your goals.  A positive therapeutic relationship also impacts outcomes, so be sure to raise any feelings or concerns germane to the counseling process with your counselor.

Group Therapy
There are no current group offerings, however, groups may be offered depending on student interest and scheduling availability.  Please contact the office for more information about available groups.

Outreach Programming & Community Interventions
Counseling Services staff are available to present lectures, workshops, and programs to your group, organization, or class.  Our staff members possess expertise in mental health and developmental issues for college populations and are knowledgeable to address a wide variety of topics.  We will collaborate with you to tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your group.

If you are interested in scheduling an outreach program, please contact us.  Counseling Services will partner with you to determine your program needs and the best way to meet those objectives.  To ensure that our staff has adequate time to prepare your presentation, please make all program requests at least two weeks in advance of the proposed program date.

Conseling Services has two current outreach initiatives available to the Elon Community: QPR Suicide Prevention and Mindfulness workshops. Please click on the respective link for more information.

Counseling Services staff offers consultation services to faculty, staff, parents, families, and students regarding the psychological welfare of a particular student, as well as more general concerns. You may call Counseling Services at (336) 278-7280 to consult with a counselor over the phone or schedule a consultation appointment. The consultation may provide you with information regarding how you can respond or intervene with the student(s), and if applicable, how to make a successful referral to counseling or other relevant resources.

Please note that communication is limited by confidentiality. Staff can listen to and discuss your concerns and advise you on how to proceed, however, due to confidentiality our staff cannot reveal any information to you about a student (i.e., including if they are currently attending sessions or not) unless the student has signed a Release of Information specifically giving us permission to share information with you. If you are looking for a University staff member to reach out to a student, or for administrative staff to be aware of your concerns, contact Student Concerns Outreach at (336) 278-7200, studentconcerns@elon.edu, or by submitting an online report.

Psychiatric Care
As noted in the Scope of Clinical Care Statement  psychiatric coverage is beyond the general services provided at Counseling Services.  Students in need of a psychiatric evaluation and/or medication management may meet with a counselor for a referral to an off-campus psychiatric provider.  As a convenience to students, Counseling Services has also coordinated with a local psychiatrist (Dr. Giduz) to provide independent services in the Ellington Health & Wellness Center.  Please note, these psychiatric services are not provided by Counseling Services staff, therefore students need to pay for these psychiatric services in the same manner as any other off-campus provider.  Students may schedule a psychiatric appointment with Dr. Giduz by contacting his office directly at (919) 929-1101.

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment
As a convenience to students, Counseling Services has coordinated with a local counselor (Chris Frasca) to provide independent Alcohol and Other Drug Assessments for students in the Ellington Health & Wellness Center. Please note, this service is not provided by Counseling Services staff, therefore students need to pay for the Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment in the same manner as any other off-campus provider. Students may schedule an appointment with Ms. Frasca by contacting her directly at 336-988-5760. She has availability within the Ellington Health & Wellness Center typically on Mondays during the academic year. Her fee is set based on the North Carolina evaluator guideline at $100. The $100 fee for the assessment is due at the time of service via cash only. Additionally, individual substance abuse education and prevention sessions are available with Ms. Frasca as requested.

Crisis Services
Emergency Assistance

For those students who present concerns that would be better addressed with long term support or specialized services, counselors will help coordinate referrals to resources in the local community.  We encourage students to meet with a counselor to discuss the most effective resources for their needs.

Information for Students Studying Away
For students that will be participating in a study USA or study abroad program, please view our video for some tips on how to prepare for your emotional and mental well-being while traveling.  Please note that we cannot provide ongoing care while you are out of state, but welcome you to schedule an appointment prior to your departure.