Parent Information

Counseling related emergencies should call 9-1-1.

Parents may contact Counseling Services for information on how we might be helpful to your son or daughter. We will be happy to discuss our services with you and provide some tips on how to encourage your son or daughter to make an appointment.

Please understand that, according to federal and state law, once a student has made an appointment, we cannot reveal information about the individual unless he or she provides written permission.

In certain circumstances, we will contact a parent directly. Among these are:

  • If a student is judged to be in serious violation of university policy, the university may call and ask that parents take their student home for an assessment.
  • If a student has threatened or attempted suicide, an Elon administrator will notify the parents and discuss the incident. In some cases, the university may require the student receive treatment at home. The University may require psychological assessment before returning to campus.
  • In the case of a student returning home for assessment and  treatment, the university will require the student to provide a statement from the treating professional that a return to college is safe and appropriate.