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Elon Academy encourages scholars to enroll in academically-challenging high school courses and to be proactive in preparing for college. Scholars are supported in this endeavor by our Academic Coaching program and College Access Team (CAT) mentors.

By taking honors and advanced placement courses, our scholars will be more likely to enter a college or university of their choice, perform well in the classroom, and complete their degree. But honors and advanced placement courses are more rigorous and require stronger academic skills and more regular study habits. To provide support for scholars in such courses (as well as other courses they may take), Elon Academy regularly offer academic coaching in all core subject areas—English, math, science, social sciences, and foreign languages. Academic Coaching is also provided in additional subjects as needed, including SAT/ACT prep, accounting, sports medicine, music theory, psychology, and more on an as-needed basis.

Scholars may request a coach at any time, including during the summer program, if they expect their future fall courses will be challenging and want to start strong with additional support. Scholars who show a pattern of struggling in a class via official progress reports and transcripts are contacted by an appropriate coach and offered assistance, even if they have not requested it. Scholars who score below a “C” in any subject are required to work with a coach on a regular basis until grades have improved.

Elon Academy staff coordinate the Academic Coaching Program and hire, train, and support Elon University students to serve as coaches. The coaching program is consistently evaluated and re-shaped by Elon Academy staff to meet the specific needs of each scholar in the Academy.