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Elon Academy scholars are encouraged to enroll in academically-challenging high school courses and to be proactive in preparing for college. Scholars are supported in this endeavor through Academic Coaching and our CAT mentors and Senior CAT mentors.

CAT Mentors guide scholars in their efforts to achieve academic excellence and prepare for college. These mentors are current Elon University students and are hired, trained, and supervised by the Assistant Director of Scholar Support. CAT Mentors maintain regular contact with their assigned scholars in order to keep abreast of scholar challenges and successes.

CAT Mentors schedule three “face-to-face” meetings with scholars each semester. These meetings may be individual or in a small group. CAT Mentors submit detailed reports to the Assistant Director of Scholar Support through a private wiki site. Each interaction between scholar and CAT Mentor ensures that scholars are on track, working on college-readiness skills, and receiving academic coaching and/or counseling as needed. Guidance and advice are offered on a variety of topics ranging from study skills and college essays, to high school course selection and “what to expect once in college.” CAT Mentors are charged with identifying any and all forms of scholar need and communicating the need to the Elon Academy staff to ensure that all challenges are addresses in a timely manner.

There are two teams of CAT Mentors. Our College Access Team (CAT) Mentors support our high school junior and sophomore scholars. Our Senior College Access Team (Senior CAT) Mentors support our high school seniors. Senior CAT Mentors receive additional training and support from Elon Academy’s Assistant Director of College Access.

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