Multifaith Strategic Planning 2021-2022

The Elon Commitment, Elon University’s strategic plan for 2010-2020, was instrumental in establishing Elon as a national leader in multifaith and interreligious education. “Boldly Elon,” our strategic plan for 2030, promises to set Elon apart as a university with an uncharacteristically persistent commitment to ensuring that its students are prepared for leadership in a religiously diverse and conflicted world, that Elon’s public audiences have opportunities for learning about the role that religion is playing in our national live and on the international stage, and that its faculty continue to produce cutting edge, interdisciplinary scholarship on religion.


Preliminary Report

In the 2021-2022 academic year, a multifaith strategic planning committee is charged with charting the course for the growth and development of the university’s multifaith initiatives for the next five years and for aligning that growth with the university’s strategic plan. In January 2022 it submitted its Preliminary Report to the Offices of the Provost and the Vice President for Student Life. You can read that report here:

Preliminary Report, March 2022

Memo to the Calendar Committee

MFSPC Preliminary Findings

A Final Report and five-year plan will be available in Summer 2022.