The Elon Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society (CSRCS) is happy to have supported the research published in the peer-reviewed books, chapters, articles, and journal issues listed below. In hosting conferences, convening panels, and providing material support, the CSRCS works to advance the scholarship of Elon faculty and their partners.

Culture, Religion and Homemaking in and Beyond South Asia
Edited by James Ponniah (Fortress Press, 2020)  

Culture, Religion, and Homemaking in and Beyond South Asia grows out of a 2016 conference co-sponsored by the CSRCS with its international partner, the University of Madras, in Chennai, India. It explores how rituals, beliefs and social practices repurpose or re-envision home in relation to experiences of modernity, urbanization, conflict, migration and displacement. Authors examine spaces of contestation over the categories of “home” and “religion,” including interfaith families, cities, and sacred places.

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“(Neo)-liberal Challenges,” Brian K. Pennington      
In Interreligious Studies: Dispatches from an Emerging Field, edited by Hans Gustafson (Beacon Press 2020)

Interreligious Studies: Dispatches from an Emerging Field brings together thirty-six scholars, including Pennington, from four continents to produce “dispatches” on the current state of this burgeoning field. Whereas earlier volumes defining interreligious studies have focused on teaching, curricula, and applications, this volume probes the context, parameters, and contours of interreligious studies as a field of research. Pennington’s chapter urges the field towards a disentaglement from some of its unspoken alliances.

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Body and Religion 4/1 (2020) 
Special Issue: The Religious Body Imagined
Edited by Pamela D. Winfield

This special issues (here) includes articles papers from the 2019 On the Edge Symposium hosted by the CSRCS. The two Elon faculty conveners for that symposium, Prof. of Religious Studies Pamela Winfield and Assoc. Prof. of Spanish Mina Garcia-Soormally, are featured in the issue guest-edited by Winfield.

Articles include:
“The religious body imagined,” 105-107
Pamela D. Winfield

“People of the book, women of the body: Ultra-orthodox Jewish women’s reproductive literacy,”108-28
Michal Raucher

“The male body and Catholic piety in early modern Spain,” 129-48
Elizabeth Rhodes

“Lope’s El Hamete de Toledo: The infidel’s body as conquered land,” 149-65
Mina García

“Non-binary sexual and gender identities in the community: The khuntha as an isolated being in the mosque,” 166-87
Saqer A. Almarri

“Seeing, imagined, and lived: creating darshan in transnational Gaudiya Vaishnavism,” 188-208
Anandi Silva Knuppel

Crosscurrents 68/2 (2018)Special Issue: On The Edge of Apocalypse
Edited by Lynn R. Huber and Tom Mould

This special issues (here) includes articles papers from the 2017 On the Edge Symposium hosted by the CSRCS. The two Elon faculty conveners for that symposium, Prof. of Religious Studies Lynn Huber and Prof. of Folklore Tom Mould, are featured in their guest-edited issue.

Articles include:
“On the Edge of Apocalypse: an Introduction”
Lynn R. Huber, Tom Mould

“India, America, and the Nationalist Apocalyptic”
Arun Chaudhuri

“Unpacking the Bunker: Sex, Abuse, and Apocalypticism in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
Megan Goodwin

“Apocalypse Again: Language, Temporality, and Repetition in an Afghan Apocalypse”
William E. B. Sherman

“Pulling Down the Sky: Envisioning the Apocalypse with Keith Haring and William S. Burroughs”
Lynn R. Huber

“The Politics of Revelation: Unveiling Negativity in the Work of Lee Edelman and Georges Bataille”
Kent L. Brintnall

“Constructing Interreligious Studies: Thinking Critically About Interfaith Studies and the Interfaith Movement,” Amy L. Allocco, Geoffrey D. Claussen, and Brian K. Pennington
In Interreligious/Interfaith Studies: Defining a New Field, edited by Patel, Peace, and Silverman (Beacon Press, 2018)

Elon’s Amy Allocco, Geoff Claussen, and Brian Pennington (Religious Studies) contributed a chapter about Elon’s Interreligious Studies minor to a field-defining volume. Interreligious/Interfaith Studies: Defining a New Field, was the first book to describe the scope, methods, and intentions of a newly emerging field in which Elon has played an important role. As the book puts it, “How is this field distinct from, yet similar to, other fields, such as religious or theological studies? What are its signature pedagogies and methodologies? What are its motivations and key questions? In other words, what is the shape of interfaith and interreligious studies, and what is its distinct contribution? These questions are the driving force behind this anthology.”

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Journal of Jewish Ethics 3/1 (2017) 
Roundtable: Virtue Ethics and the Mussar Movement

This roundtable of essays brings together a philosopher (Christian B. Miller, Wake Forest), a scholar of modern Judaism (Andrea Dara Cooper, UNC Chapel Hill), a Christian theologian (Jeffrey C. Pugh, Elon), and a Christian ethicist (Rebecca Todd Peters, Elon) in discussion of Elon Religious Studies professor Geoffrey D. Claussen’s book, Sharing the Burden: Rabbi Simḥah Zissel Ziv and the Path of Musar (SUNY Press, 2015).

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