What is the Elon Core Curriculum?

The Elon Core Curriculum complements your major and your community experiences, providing the liberal arts and sciences so important to Elon’s mission and so vital for globally engaged citizenship in a democratic society. It is an opportunity to explore ideas and expand your worldview. In the process, you will gain the lifelong benefits of complexity of thought, personal fulfillment, economic opportunity and global awareness.

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First Year Foundations

The First Year Foundations includes three courses that launch the Elon Core Curriculum. The Global Experience (COR 1100) introduces you to global issues ranging from immigration to humanitarian aid to our environment, and asks you to view these issues from varied perspectives, including those of your new classmates. In Writing: Argument and Inquiry (ENG 1100)  you will develop your writing voice to communicate effectively in multiple platforms. General Statistics (STS 1100) will prepare you to critically analyze and evaluate data.

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Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) prepares you for a life of meaningful work and service. The five opportunities to complete your ELR include Internships, Study Abroad and Study USA, Research, Service-Learning, and Leadership. Integrating knowledge and experience, the ELR fosters an understanding and life-long appreciation for learning. Each experience is an opportunity for intellectual development. Where will the ELR take you?

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World Languages

Learning another language will encourage engagement with other cultures and enhance your ability to participate meaningfully in local, national, and international settings.  Students at Elon study Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin and Spanish.  Advanced proficiency in a second language also deepens your understanding of worldviews and historical perspectives.

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Arts & Sciences

Studies in the Arts and Sciences courses will allow you to explore different approaches for understanding the world. You will learn to think through the lenses of different disciplines and use diverse bodies of knowledge in pursuit of a thoughtful, meaningful life. Who says your passion for animals, alternative music or your curiosity for Greek myth can’t contribute to your intellectual experiences?

Students will take courses in four different areas of the Arts & Sciences: Expression, Civilization, Society, and Science. For a full list of courses that fall under each area, check the Academic Catalog.

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Advanced Studies

Students will also take Advanced Studies courses at the 300- and 400-level. These courses provide you the opportunity to pursue depth in the arts and sciences outside your major.  You can use these courses to complete a minor, a double major, or a semester study abroad experience.

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Integrative Capstone Seminar

After all of these transformative experiences and challenging courses, you are now ready to bring it all together. The Integrative Capstone Seminar allows you to reach across disciplines and challenges you to draw connections, integrating what you’ve learned at Elon.  With dozens of course options for the Core Curriculum capstone class, you can explore an old passion or a new interest through a integrative approach.

Examples of COR capstones

  • COR 3700 Interdisciplinary Zen
  • COR 3840 Kennedy Assassination in Film
  • COR 3870 Pride Humility & the Good Life
  • COR 3880 Baseball Statistics
  • COR 3890 Hero in German Culture
  • COR 4380 The Science of Happiness
  • COR 4470 The Music of Miles Davis

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