As you prepare to transition into the Elon community, there are undoubtedly many questions running through your mind. In this section, gather resources, tips and advice from students, as well as the New Student Orientation website. Current students understand what it was like to enter a new community with new friends to make, new pathways to choose, and new challenges to overcome. Hear their stories and insights on making your transition a smooth one. Additionally, follow the link to Orientation’s site for information on move-in day, programming for family members, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Orientation & Move-In

Preparing for Your Arrival

Please hold your travel plans! Due to the updated academic calendar, new students will be arriving earlier than anticipated. Students will be assigned a specific date and time (August 14-15) for Move-in. More information will be available by July 1.

Elon will expand new student move-in times to multiple days from August 14-15, reducing congestion and supporting physical distancing in residence halls. Students will be assigned move-in appointment times. As much as possible, students should limit the number of family members who help them move-in, preferably being assisted by only one or two others. We expect to provide more information about assignments for move-in dates and times by July 1.

Students moving into residence halls should not arrive prior to their appointment time, which will be provided by the Office of Residence Life and New Student and Transition Programs.

On arrival to campus, all students must report first to the Phoenix Health Check-in Center located at Schar Center. There, students will;

  • Complete a COVID-19 self-screening questionnaire
  • Speak with an Elon staff member about any health-related questions or concerns
  • Receive your personal Elon face covering and sanitation kit
  • Complete a short educational module to learn about campus policies and protocols to protect our community’s health and wellness
  • Further details about move-in day and orientation procedures, protocols and schedules will be communicated with students in July and August.

Learn More: New Student Orientation site

Elon 101

Elon 101 is a one-semester-one-hour course designed to prepare you for confident engagement at Elon. During the course you’ll create a four-year graduation plan that becomes an important roadmap for your time at Elon. The Elon 101 curriculum shares our campus values, academic planning, and campus resources.

Why are campus values and academic resources the focus of Elon 101? First, we want you to be a thriving and successful student at Elon with a strong understanding of our expectations. Second, we want you to feel challenged but supported. For this reason, your Elon 101 instructor will serve as your academic advisor until you officially declare your major and will be one of your primary resources as you seek to find answers to your questions. And finally, we want you to know about the robust opportunities that exist on our campus. We intentionally keep Elon 101 classes small at 16 students per section and meet weekly throughout the first semester. We believe you will find Elon 101 to be one of the major reasons your mind opens quickly and Elon feels like home.

Learn More: Elon 101

Wellness & Well-Being

We know that student wellness and student success are closely connected and that health is about the whole you, encompassing mental, physical, spiritual and social well-being. Elon provides holistic student health and wellness resources, education and outreach, as well as crisis response. Our goal is to provide you with support and opportunities to help you develop the autonomy, personal responsibility and resiliency to excel. 

Learn More: Wellness & Well-Being

Your To-Do List

We are incredibly excited you are Elon Bound! There are numerous tasks for you to do over the summer to prepare to begin your Elon journey. Pay attention to these dates and be sure you’re fully prepared to be Elon Bound in August!

Learn More: Your Summer Checklist