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Most Recent Q&A’s

Are there any Experiential Learning Requirements (ELRs) that are easily completed in the first year?

Of the five opportunities that count toward Experiential Learning Requirement (internships, leadership, service, study abroad, and undergraduate research), students in the first year will be most likely to engage in service. Check out the Kernodle Center for co-curricular opportunities, or look into courses marked SL for service-learning to get involved.

Is there a support system if you are struggling with a class?

Absolutely! Elon’s Tutoring Center is a great resource if you’d like some extra help with coursework, particularly in the natural sciences and math courses. Students in the On-Air session also suggested that study groups seem to form naturally in many classes and can be great for reinforcing the knowledge gained in class. Professors tend to have office hours as well, so you can visit and discuss other ways to approach material or strategies for learning in that class (or lots of other things – most professors love talking to students!).

How do I turn in health records?

Health records are due July 1. This document on immunization and medical history is required from all undergraduates. Email your copy to Health Services at healthservices@elon.edu or fax them to (336) 538-6506.

Can I recycle in the residence halls?

Yes! There are receptacles for recycling in every neighborhood. All recyclables (plastics, glass, metal and paper) can go in blue bins. There is no need to separate paper from other recyclables. Cardboard should be broken down and placed next to the blue bins.

Additionally, Moseley, the Library and KOBC have larger recycling hubs where you can recycle small electronics, old batteries and inkjet cartridges. Pens can be recycled in the Library.

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