Research/Creative Interests

I am examining a 13th-century drawing of 11th-century wall paintings that once decorated the Cathedral in Vercelli (Italy). I am conducting an analysis of the scenes depicting and comparing them to other works of art as well as creating a physical and a digital facsimile (copy) of the drawing. I would also like to create a virtual reconstruction of the painting in the Cathedral.

Research/Creative Needs

My research starts with a formal analysis of an art object, followed by placing the work of art in historical and historiographic contexts, and whenever possible I engage in archival work. My recent project requires multispectral photography and image processing, database building, and virtual reconstructions using Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.).

Currently looking for a student to apply and work in these programs

  • Any program/opportunity

I can mentor a student enrolled in 4998/4999 hours during these semesters

  • Spring 2022

Student Qualifications

  • Some experience in Art History, History, or religious studies would be useful. Reading skills in Latin, German, or Italian are also helpful. I would also be interested in a student who can work in Sketchup or Autocad (design software).

Interested? Please email me to set up a meeting.