Research/Creative Interests

My research group studies mate choice, communication, and how interactions between species affect the ecology and evolution of behavior. We work with insects, because they are easy to collect and rear, have short generation times, and display all the fascinating behavior one could ever wish for.

Research/Creative Needs

Our research typically involves a combination of field, greenhouse, and lab activity. Students who wish to conduct mentored independent projects should plan to dedicate one summer or winter term to data collection and at least two semesters to proposal development, data analysis, and writing/presentation.

Currently looking for a student to apply and work in these programs

  • Any program/opportunity
  • Several students in my lab have funded their research through SURE and Endowed Grants. Most of my research students present their work at SURF and a regional science conference.

I can mentor a student enrolled in 4998/4999 hours during these semesters

  • Any start time

Student Qualifications

  • Successful undergraduate researchers are hard-working, self-motivated, and curious. I typically mentor Biology and Environmental Studies majors.

Little Bit More Information

  • Research is the best way to learn what science is and how it works! You will also learn a lot about yourself. It’s not easy, but it is a great experience for your development as a BIO/ENS major.

Interested? Please email me to set up a meeting.