Research/Creative Interests

Visual communication, perception and persuasion, marketing education with particular emphasis on learning from games, the perception and adoption of organic products with particular emphasis on developing economies, consumer behavior in general

Research/Creative Needs

Inquisitiveness and intent

Mentoring style

  • Typically one-on-one

Currently looking for a student to apply and work in these programs

  • Any program/opportunity
  • Honors Fellows
  • Elon College Fellows
  • LSB dual degree students

I can mentor a student enrolled in 4998/4999 hours during these semesters

  • Any semester

Student Qualifications

  • An interested in working with any highly engaged students whose interests may in some way overlap with my own.

A little bit more info:

I have received a two year fellowship for advising undergraduate research. The fellowship comes with some amount of funding.

Interested? Please email me to set up a meeting.