PURM: Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

PURM is a distinctive journal that focuses on scholarship about undergraduate research and the mentoring of such research. Unlike existing forums that typically discuss undergraduate research and mentoring from a discipline-specific lens, PURM provides opportunities to be involved in a new, truly multidisciplinary journal with a unique mentoring focus in everything it does that will highlight the amazing work (and challenges) of this community in new ways.

Involvement in PURM offers both faculty and students the opportunity to shape the direction of the conversation in this emerging community and to bring our students further into both a disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective through the mentorship avenues the journal offers. We actively encourage the involvement of undergraduate researchers and their mentors in both the authoring and reviewing of submissions to PURM. The journal staff welcomes submissions authored by undergraduate researchers alone or in collaboration with their faculty mentors or peers on all topics germane to undergraduate research and the mentoring of such research.

PURM utilizes a novel peer-review model, in which all submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by undergraduate researcher-mentor dyads. This innovative model allows for the inclusion of the voices of undergraduate researchers in the review process, while also providing these students with valuable professional manuscript reviewing experience.

To access the current issue of Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring, please access the PURM homepage.