Requesting a Check

To request a check, please complete the Check Request Form. Employees may not approve their own check requests and the employee’s supervisor must sign the check request or travel reimbursement form before sending to Accounts Payable. Please include a copy of the registration form when submitting a travel reimbursement for a conference. All check requests for $2,000 or more must be approved by a Vice President. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Matteo (336)278-6960 or Julie Whitaker (336)278-5267.

Processing and Submitting Check Requests

The Accounts Payable department processes checks for payment on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

Check requests should be received by 1:00 p.m. the day prior to the check run. Please be sure to specify the date needed on the request so our staff can be mindful of your timeline. Always include social security numbers, vendor or University ID number, and addresses (when applicable) as they are extremely important for reporting purposes and for identifying the correct vendor.

All check requests for new vendors should include a completed Substitute W9 form (Substitute W9).

The vendor name determines which Accounts Payable Analyst will process the payment. Vendor names beginning with A through L are processed by Jennifer Matteo and M through Z are processed by Julie Whitaker.


Purchase Requests

Once a Purchasing Requisition Form has been filled out on the Purchasing website, the Purchasing Office will create a purchase order and forward a white copy of the purchase order to the initiator. The initiator will hold this white copy until the merchandise is received. Once the merchandise has been received, the initiator should sign the white copy of the purchase order and forward to Accounting at Campus Box 2900.

If all of the merchandise is not received at one time, the initiation should mark the items not received, sign the white copy of the purchase order and forward to Accounting. When the white copy is received, Accounting will fill out a back order slip (a half green sheet) and return it to the initiator.

When the rest of the merchandise is received, the initiator will follow the same procedures as with the original white copy of the purchase order, using the green back-order slip. When both the invoice and the white copy of the purchase order are received in Accounting, they will be matched up , received in the accounting system and forwarded to Accounts Payable where a check will be issued and mailed to the vendor.