Elon University designated funds consist of funds supported by endowment income, funds supported by donor gifts and grants, and University funds designated for a particular purpose. Any funds remaining in a designated fund at the fiscal year end are available in the next fiscal year or until fully expended. Questions relating to designated funds should be directed to Courtney Saul at (336) 278-5263 or csaul@elon.edu.

Designated Funds Supported by Endowment Income

Endowment income is distributed at the end of each fiscal year on May 31 and is available for expenditure beginning June 1 of the new fiscal year. Please visit the Endowments page for more information.

Designated Funds Supported by Gifts

Designated funds supported by donor gifts are available for expenditure as gifts are received.

Designated Funds Supported by Grants

Please visit the Grants page for grant financial information.

Designated University Funds

University funds designated for a particular purpose are available for expenditure based on each individual project.