Organizational Use of Elon Tax ID Policy

When an organization is requesting the use of Elon’s Tax ID, they must be associated with a specific class or instructional type experience under the direct supervision of university faculty/staff (normally associated with Fund 0 or 1).

Examples that would not qualify for usage of Elon’s Tax ID:

  • Activities not related to the mission/purpose of Elon University (to nurture a rich intellectual community, provide dynamic and challenging undergraduate curriculum and complemented by professional and graduate programs, integrate learning across disciplines and foster respect for human differences).
  • If the organization is part of a national organization that has 501(c)(3) status, then they should not request use of Elon’s Tax ID; they should use the national organization’s tax ID.
  • Requesting the usage of Elon’s Tax ID for a “for profit” event.

If gross receipts from fundraisers/events are expecting to total more than $10,000, it is recommended that the organization apply for 501(c)(3) status or obtain their own unique federal identification number. (This would typically be a Fund 9 student organization).

Disclaimer: Elon University Accounting Department personnel are not authorized to provide tax, legal or accounting advice for entities other than Elon University. The information contained in this policy is provided for information purposes only.


Student Organization Account Policy/Fund 9 (Non-SGA)

Account Set-Up

This policy pertains to student organization Fund 9 rollover accounts, not SGA accounts. Fund 9 accounts are created by the Senior Accountant for Reporting. To request an account, mail or email the  Fund 9 Student Organization Account Request Form to the Senior Accountant for Reporting with appropriate contact information and the advisor’s signature.

Before a new account can be created, the account must meet the following criteria:

  • Not related to University operations.
  • Must be a student group.
  • Must be ongoing (not just the current year or a one-time project).

Fund 9 Accounting

The Fund 9 rollover accounts generally consist of a Fund Balance account, Revenue account, and an Expense account.

Fund 9 revenue and expenses are accounted for as follows:

  • Fund 9 revenue items are to be deposited with the Bursar. The organization will provide their revenue account number to the Bursar’s Office for deposits.
  • Fund 9 expense items will be paid by either a check request submitted to Accounts Payable with appropriate signatures or Petty Cash reimbursement from the Bursar’s Office.
  • Both of the following forms must be signed by the organization’s advisor:  Check Request Form and Petty Cash Reimbursement Form

Personnel authorized on the account will be able to view activity on Ontrack along with the approved object codes for the account. Advisors are given access to view these accounts but students are not.

Communication of Funds

If the organization advisor or officers have questions about their Fund 9 rollover account, please contact Kera Hinton, Senior Accountant for Reporting, at or (336) 278-5208. Forms may be emailed to or mailed to Campus Box 2900.