Many believe Microsoft made a smart choice with Windows 10, as they did not change the operating system much from Windows 7. There are two main areas we will focus on in this section: the Start Menu and the Search Bar.

Start Menu

The Start Menu has changed. Below is a description of what each element means and what it can do.

Windows 10 Start Menu

  1. Your Name: If you click on your name you will get the options to sign out, lock your computer, or switch accounts.
  2. Most Used: This is where the programs you use the most will appear. This will automatically be populated.





  3. File Explorer: This will act like “My Computer” and bring you to a list of all files on your computer.
  4. Settings: This is just like Control Panel and will allow you to change certain settings on your computer.
  5. Power: This is how you turn the computer off or restart.
  6. All Apps: This is the old “Program Files” option and contains a list of all programs on your computer in alphabetical order.

Search is your best friend

Search makes it very easy to find anything you are looking for. Just start typing what you are looking for and the results should populate above the search.

1. Start typing the name of a program or setting you are looking for.

2. The results of your search will show here.








Side by side differences

For a more detailed side-by-side differences between Windows 7 and Window 10 we have put together a page with screen shots.

Check out the side-by-side differences

New features and more

While the parts that you have become used to are mostly the same there are a lot of new features that will make your life better. We have extensive documentation put together to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have concerning Windows 10.

Check out what is new and different