A familiarity with remote teaching practices and concerns can help you mitigate challenges that commonly occur in blended, online and emergency remote courses when quickly moving a course online. The following strategies and resources can help you develop a plan for your course that keeps students engaged and the intellectual momentum of your course moving.

Quick Reference Guide: Online Alternatives to Face-to-Face Practices & Related Technology Support

Select software applications offered in Elon’s computer labs may also be available for remote learning through existing open-source downloads or other means. Review Information Technology’s (IT) list of available software applications and how to access them. If you have questions, contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.

Face-to-Face Practice

Online Alternative

Technology Support

Class or Group Discussions

Moodle Forums
Moodle Forums allow you to facilitate an online discussion with students asynchronously. After you post a prompt, students can respond and also see and reply to other students’ posts. In addition, you can host smaller discussions by placing students into groups within your Moodle course. Forums are accessible via mobile devices.Microsoft Teams 
Communicate with your students using the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams. Facilitate class or group discussions in real-time with the chat feature or create shared documents where students can add feedback about course topics.

Zoom Chat
With Zoom, you and your students can chat one-on-one or within a channel created specifically for your course. Schedule a time to chat synchronously as a group or notify your students when you’ll be online to answer questions via chat.

Hypothes.is can help organize discussions around texts like websites and PDFs. The collaborative annotation tool allows students to post and reply to comments within a document and directly in Moodle.


Moodle Assignments
Moodle Assignments allow students to submit assigned activities for your review. In addition to uploading documents, students can submit video files, web links, images and other files.
After you review submissions, you can assign grades and provide feedback directly in Moodle, which is then automatically shared with students.


Moodle Quizzes 
Designing quizzes in Moodle can help you assess student learning in your course. Quizzes can be used as a formative exercise that includes feedback and multiple attempts or a summative test with a strict time limit and shuffled questions.Respondus with Moodle Assessments
Respondus is a lockdown browser application that disables multiple computer features while students are taking exams in Moodle. While the tool is active, students cannot navigate out of Moodle or open additional applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. Nor can they print or take screenshots of the exam.

Office Hours

Zoom & Webex Personal Room 
Virtual office hours using Zoom or Webex allows you to meet with students and colleagues online in real-time. With the lock features available with both services, you can host a one-on-one meeting without interruption, while others wait in a virtual lobby until you are available.Microsoft Teams Calls 
Microsoft Teams allows you to connect with individual students or groups of students via audio or video conferencing. During these calls, you and your students can share screens, upload and co-author documents or collaborate on projects without ever having to leave the application. In addition, you and your students can return to Teams at any time to access shared materials.

Asynchronous Instruction (recorded)

Zoom, Webex Personal Room, Kaltura Personal Capture & Microsoft Teams 
Zoom, Webex Personal Room, Kaltura Personal Capture and Microsoft Teams allow you to record and share lecture videos. Include a presentation with your lecture or use built-in whiteboard features offered with each tool.Each tool allows you to record and share lectures featuring presentation slides or a built-in whiteboard, as well as video footage of yourself or voiceover only.

Videos recorded in Kaltura and those recorded in Webex or Zoom automatically appear in the “My Media” section of Moodle up to 24 hours later, depending on the length of your video. Videos recorded in Microsoft Teams are sent to Microsoft Stream, where they can be downloaded, shared using links or embedded into your Moodle course.

Synchronous Instruction (live)

Zoom, Webex Personal Room & Microsoft Teams
Zoom, Webex Personal Room and Microsoft Teams are options for live instruction using video conferencing. You and your students can see and hear each other, while also viewing presentations and other visuals.Scheduling your live sessions ahead of time in either tool or posting session details with a direct link in Moodle to Zoom or your Webex Personal Room can help to simplify access for students. Recurring or one-time Zoom class meetings also can be scheduled and posted directly to your Moodle course for easy access. 

Student Presentations

Zoom, Webex Personal Room, Kaltura Personal Capture & Microsoft Teams 

Zoom, Webex Personal Room, Kaltura Personal Capture and Microsoft Teams allow students to record video of themselves leading presentations, including the display of visuals.

Videos recorded using Webex and Kaltura are automatically saved to Moodle for a simplified submission process via a Moodle Assignment or Forum. Videos recorded using Microsoft Teams are sent to Microsoft Stream, where they can be downloaded or shared with faculty or other students using share links. Zoom videos can be uploaded to Kaltura for sharing or uploading to Moodle.

Group Presentations

Zoom & Webex Personal Room
Students can deliver group presentations live or record them using Zoom or Webex. Recorded presentations can be uploaded to Moodle for class discussion, peer review and/or grading. To do so, one student from each group can host and record their group presentation in their Zoom space or Webex Personal Room, or invite you and classmates to view the presentation live.As the course instructor, you may opt to host student presentations in your Zoom space or Webex Personal Room instead. With the screen control feature, you can turn over display controls to each group, allowing students to present live from their computers.

Microsoft Teams 
Microsoft Teams is a great collaborative tool for helping students deliver and manage group presentations and assignments. Students can organize shared materials within the files tab, host audio or video meetings and chat about individual tasks in real-time, among other options. When it comes time to present, students can invite you and classmates to their Team to view their presentation live or they can record it and share it later using Microsoft Stream. If you set up a Team for your course, you can invite students to a channel for each group to present during a live video call.

Group Breakouts

Breakout Rooms
Breakout rooms, offered in Zoom, Webex, and Teams are ideal for facilitating group discussions during synchronous remote or blended class sessions. Before group activities begin, choose the number of rooms to open and assign students manually or automatically (random). Visit each room to check-in with students and send broadcast messages to update instructions or alert groups to the remaining time. Visit rooms to check in with students. When it’s time to end activities, close breakouts to automatically return everyone to the main session.

Peer Review

Moodle Forums
Similar to online class discussions, Moodle Forums also work as a peer review tool. Just as students would respond to your discussion prompts, they can see and reply to one another’s posts. Submissions can be typed directly into Moodle or uploaded as a Word, PowerPoint or video file. In addition, Moodle Forums are accessible via mobile devices.Microsoft Teams
If you plan to use Microsoft Teams in your course, shared documents within the files tab of a new or existing channel can help you manage peer review activities. Students also can upload a variety of file types, then use the live chat to post and review feedback.

Moodle Workshop
Moodle Workshop simulates a peer review process by allowing you to automatically distribute students’ work to all students, along with a grading rubric or marking guide.


Adobe Creative Cloud
You and your students can conveniently access Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and other programs directly from your own devices with access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Download the Adobe app or download individual applications to your machine.Microsoft Office 365
The full suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications is available for use by you and your students. With Office 365, you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Teams on up to five devices or use web-based versions of each app to seamlessly share and collaborate with colleagues and students.

Remote Software Access
AppsAnywhere can help to bridge the gap between on-campus computer labs and students in your blended, online or emergency remote courses. The cloud-based service allows you and students to securely access a variety of academic software packages installed on machines in Elon facilities – from any device and location.