HealthEU is Elon University’s wellness initiative for students, faculty and staff. Using a holistic approach, HealthEU aims to empower every individual in the Elon community to actively implement and integrate wellness values in their daily lives, with their peers and in their greater purpose by providing access to resources, educational tools, and support through the six interdependent dimensions of well-being. The six dimensions of wellness  are social, purpose, emotional, financial, community and physical.

Emotional well-being refers to having awareness of one’s feelings and the feelings of others, managing those emotions and thoughts constructively, and demonstrating the ability to cope or adapt to challenges throughout life.

Elon is a designated JED Campus. The JED Campus network is a rapidly expanding national program of over 380 colleges and universities. JED Campus is a four-year program that guides schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program, and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention efforts.

Elon is committed to cultivating a supportive campus environment where students develop and thrive throughout their college experience. We each have a responsibility and opportunity to support that goal.  The University provides several resources for faculty and staff in their work to support the mental health of students. These resources are integrated collaboratively across the university and provide a wide range of methods and opportunities.