The Leading Women in Audio Conference 2021

“Growth Through Adversity”


February 26th & 27th

On February 26 and 27, 2021, Elon University will host its third annual conference. The event is focused on high school and college students, highlighting the contributions of women in the current music and entertainment industry. Several women from the audio community will present virtual technical workshops and participate in panel discussions on a variety of relevant topics.

In its third year, the Leading Women in Audio conference will continue its momentum by exploring the nuances of women’s work in the audio and music industries. We are seeking to replicate students’ opportunities to connect with local professionals and deepen their understanding of the work of the remarkably skilled women. Not only will we highlight the experiences the women in the audio industry, but we will also discuss ways in which everybody can be an ally to marginalized communities in the field.

Our Mission Statement: 

We resolve to highlight the presence and contribution of women in the audio industry, to raise awareness and cultivate allyship among the next generation of audio students.

We seek to promote the work of women, to combat identity-based exploitation and marginalization, and to educate and empower future audio professionals to create an environment of inclusion and diversity.

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Sponsored by:

Elon’s Music Department and Music Production & Recording Arts Program


Endorsed by:

The Audio Engineering Society Education Committee


Previous Recipient of:

The Fund for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences