On behalf of the steering committee, MPRA program, and Elon University, we would like to thank this year’s partners for providing us with the resources to highlight women in the audio industry and host an event that brings students, faculty, staff, and industry professionals together to support successful women in audio. We deeply appreciate contributions from the following companies:

The Leading Women In Audio Conference is supported by the Education Committee of the Audio Engineering Society.




Audio & Light


Avid makes technology and collaborative tools so creators can entertain, inform, educate, and enlighten the world. Our customers are the visionaries behind the most inspiring feature films, television programs, news broadcasts, televised sporting events, music recording and live concerts.

Our digital audio and video solutions continue to revolutionize the art of creative storytelling, and have earned us hundreds of awards, including two Oscar® statuettes, a Grammy®, and 16 Emmys®.  For more information about Avid solutions and services, visit www.avid.com, connect with Avid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or subscribe to Avid Blogs.


Since 1971, Eventide has been at the forefront of audio technology. In 1975, they revolutionized the industry by releasing the world’s first digital multi-effects device, the H910 Harmonizer®. Since then, their legendary studio processors, effects pedals and plug-ins can be heard on countless hit records.




TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik strives for absolute perfection. By offering historic recreations of classic microphones alongside their own proprietary designs based around the distinctive tube mic sound, TELEFUNKEN has established a product line that expertly combines vintage style and sound with the reliability of a modern-day microphone design. TELEFUNKEN’s commitment to both the sonic excellence and quality of all of their products is rivaled only by their dedication to provide the best possible service to their customers.



Launched by an audio engineer, Command + S Apparel was created with one goal in mind: design interesting, wearable clothing for the sound community. Whether you’re a music producer, sound mixer, boom op, foley artist, game dev, or literally anything else to do with sound, we’re here for your audio merch needs.