Study USA Winter Term Programs open to Class of 2017

Students in the class of 2017 may apply for open Study USA programs by visiting the Study USA website  

The Study USA office has opened applications for incoming first-year students to apply for our two open Winter Term 2014 programs.  Here is a summary of each:


Arizona: On the Line in the Immigration Debate
The immigration debate along the southwestern border of the United States is multifaceted because of the unique geography, history and cultural interactions of the region.  In this course, students will learn about immigration from multiple perspectives and interact with numerous stakeholders along the Arizona/Sonora border.  Activities will include meetings with government officials from both countries, interaction with humanitarian groups, exposure to the unique geographical features of the Sonora Desert, presentations by scholars, experiences with artists, contact with the migrants themselves and group reflection. By the end of the course, students will engage effectively in public discourse about the complicated issue of immigration from a much broader perspective than that of the average U.S. citizen. (21 days onsite in Arizona)

Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of Hawaiian Identity
Most people think of Hawaii as a tropical paradise where they can be entertained by Hula dancers and opulent luaus.  This course is designed to show students the complexity of the Hawaiian islands and the fight that continues to this day for those who are in danger of losing their very identities.  We will explore the many tensions that exist in Hawaii that rest under the surface of the tourist propaganda.  From classes at the University of Hawaii to talks with native Hawaiian activists, we will look at such issues as whether Hawaii should be seen as its own nation or a state.  Historical, cultural and personal aspects of life there will be studied with the hope that students will come to understand in a deeper way the tensions between the image and the reality of the Hawaiian Islands. (17 days onsite in Hawaii)

For more info, or to apply, see the Study USA website