Dream careers await at The Social Career Impact Fair

On Tuesday, November 12 from 3:30-5:30 pm in McKinnon Hall representatives from non-profit organizations, rooted in domestic and international causes, will discuss internships, fellowships, post-graduate, and full-time employment opportunities with Elon students who are passionate about building careers making a difference in the world. 

By Taylor Garner, student ambassador

The Social Impact Career Fair will bring representatives from an array of non-profit organizations together with Elon students who are especially interested in short and long-term, internship, fellowship, post-graduate, and full-time opportunities supporting the mission and goals of the agencies working abroad and in cities all over the country.

What does a social impact career look like?

The best part about a social impact career is that no two organizations are the same. While on the job hunt, you can tailor your search to causes you’re most passionate about, enjoy the ability to empower social projects in diverse communities, and foster economic development, education, and agricultural competency all over the world.

What majors will best prepare me for these types of jobs?

Good news! Almost any major can fit the needs of a social impact career. The Idealist’s “Your Guide to Career Paths in the Social Impact Space” says that liberal arts students traditionally enter these careers, using their skills in “critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving.” Non-profits need employees with hard skills which is where web developers, accountants, and scientists come into play. Besides, if social impact casework isn’t for you, managerial positions offer work with administration and grantmakers. Communication majors can apply their knowledge and skills to develop social media content and media analytics. As you can see, there are a plethora of opportunities awaiting any major that wants to be apart of an organization fostering positive change in the world. 

Tell me about the options. 

View the list of organizations registered to attend The Social Impact Career Fair Tuesday, November 12 on EJN. For those who desire to stay close to home, organizations such as Baltimore Corps use social innovation to improve social equity and solve complex problems. Maybe you want to experience a couple of years of work abroad, the Peace Corps has postings all over the world tailored to your experience and interests such as economic development, teaching, and health. Or let’s say you are seeking a full-time job managing one-on-one casework and challenging ground operations, the International Rescue Committee is an organization rooted in “helping people whose livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and regain control of their future.” Again, you don’t need to be a major in International Relations with a million minors in Peace and Conflict studies to get a job with a social impact organization. Whether you’re an accounting, strategic communications, or biology major, if you have a heart for enacting social change in the communities that need it most, there are options for you.

View a complete list of non-profit organizations attending and opportunities to work for a purpose on the Elon Job Network (EJN).

To prepare:

  • Learn all you can about the organizations’ missions, goals, challenges, and threats. View the internships, fellowships, and full-time position descriptions carefully to understand how you can help the organization achieve its goals.
  • Schedule career advising appointments using EJN
  • “Resume Review” appointments allow you to work with a professional career advisor to develop a resume and cover letter aligned with the job description.
  • Many employers review candidates’ social media accounts, including LinkedIn. “LinkedIn/Online Presence” appointments allow you to build your brand and your connections.

Lastly, before you head to the Social Impact Career Fair stop by the SPDC to print your resume(s) on the high-quality paper we offer for free.

This is one in a series of columns written by the Student Professional Development Center’s professionals who offer industry insights and career guidance.