Fifteen students selected as 2021 Lumen Scholars

The university's top undergraduate research award comes with $20,000 to support and celebrate academic and creative achievements.

​Fifteen rising juniors at Elon have been selected to receive the 2021 Lumen Prize, the university’s premier award that comes with a $20,000 scholarship to support and celebrate their academic achievements and research proposals.

Lumen Scholars will work closely with their mentors during the next two years to pursue and complete their projects. Efforts traditionally include coursework, study abroad, research both on and off campus, internships locally and overseas, program development, and creative productions and performances.

The name for the Lumen Prize comes from Elon’s historic motto, “Numen Lumen,” which are Latin words meaning “spiritual light” and “intellectual light.” The words, which are found on the Elon University seal, signify the highest purposes of an Elon education.

2021 Lumen Prize Winners

Anna Altmann

Chemistry and Computer Science
Project Title: “Investigating the Trace Metal Content of Cigarette Butts in Environmental Systems”

Mentor: Justin Clar

Kelly Belarmino

Music Theatre
Project Title: “Decentering Whiteness in the Music Theatre Canon: An Interrogation of Current Industry Practices that Impact Asian and Latinx Performers”

Mentor: Julio Matos

Ons Bouali

Project Title: “Investigating the Role of PPARs in Primary Biliary Cholangitis-related Cellular Stress”

Mentor: Tonya Train

Megan Curling

Journalism and Public Health Studies  
Project Title: “Stories and Resolutions: The Cultural and Environmental Impacts of the Tungkum Gold Mine on the Villagers of Na Nong Bong, Thailand”

Mentor: Glenn Scott

Alana Evora

Project Title: “Simulating Vibrational Soundscapes to Investigate the Effect of Vibrational Road Noise on Animals”

Mentor: Jen Hamel

Amaya Gaines

Political Science and Policy Studies
Project Title: “Policy Solutions Waiting to Be Seen: Applying Intersectionality Policy Process Analysis to State Anti-Poverty Programs”

Mentor: Dillan Bono-Lunn

Madison George

Project Title: “Putting the Right Foot Forward: The First 3D Printed Pole Vault Spikes for Women”

Mentors: Scott Wolter and Shefali Christopher

Kiara Hunter

Public Health Studies and Statistics
Project Title: “Centering the Margins: Applying Public Health Critical Race Praxis in Exploring Black Adolescent Fatherhood”

Mentor: Stephanie Baker

Jack Morrill

Theatre Arts-Acting and Arts Administration
Project Title: “Queer Theory and Arts Administration Practices: How Could a Queer Value System Change the way Theatrical Organizations Operate?”

Mentor: Susanne Shawyer

Makayla Oby

Project Title: “Investigation of Synergistic Combinations of Chemotherapy Drugs for the Treatment of Oral Cancer”

Mentor: Victoria Moore

Mallory Poff

Project Title: “What is an Efficient Solar-Panel Design to Power a Mobile Cooling Unit and Meet Agricultural Standards for Small Farms?”

Mentor: Sirena Hargrove-Leak

Cole Powell

Project Title: “The Mechanism of Fatty Acid Oxidation by Myeloperoxidase: The Ramifications for Heart Disease”

Mentor: Kathryn Matera

Isabelle Stimson

Mathematics — Teacher Licensure
Project Title: “Addressing Access and Equity in Mathematics Education: The Role of Technology in the Twenty-First Century Classroom”

Mentor: Aaron Trocki

Natalie Triche

International & Global Studies and Religious Studies
Project Title: “Secularism in Egypt after the Arab Spring: An Ethnographic Approach”

Mentor: Brian Pennington

Chad Urquhart

Project Title: “Tick Tock – No Time For TikTok: An Examination of Procrastination and Mental Health In Undergraduate Students”

Mentor: Eric Hall