Srikant Vallabhajosula and his students present at International Conference in Taipei

Vallabhajosula, an associate professor of physical therapy education, and his final-year DPT students, Sarah Henderson and Brandi Wiltshire, and his URP research mentee Katey Alberto did three virtual platform presentations at the 9th World Congress of Biomechanics conference in July.

The Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Education and Research Coordinator Srikant Vallabhajosula and his students were invited to give oral presentations at the prestigious international conference. Vallabhajosula’s presentation focused on the first National Biomechanics Day outreach event at Elon that was conducted in India by faculty members and students from the departments of Physical Therapy Education, Exercise Science and Performing Arts at Elon in collaboration with a university and a high school in India.

His students presented work on a project that was supported in part by the Undergraduate Research Program.

The following were the citations of their presentations:

Vallabhajosula S, Shenoy S, Naaz N, Wittstein M, Metcalf JG. First National Biomechanics Day in India – Lessons learned from a collaborative approach.

Wiltshire B, Henderson S, Whyte A, Chinworth S, Vallabhajosula S. Five Times Sit-to-Stand Performance Is Related to Impulse Than Power in Healthy Young Adults.

Alberto K, DeMarco D, Meyer A, Henderson S, Wiltshire B, Vallabhajosula S. Analyzing force and time difference among older and younger adults performing the five-time sit-to-stand (FTSTS).