Elon students share their summer internship experiences

Ten Elon students were involved in a broad range of internships this past summer and shared their respective experiences on LinkedIn.

Elon University has been a national leader in high-impact learning programs and has ensured that its students are well-prepared to succeed after they leave the university. But while still at Elon, students are provided with all the tools needed to find engaging internship experiences and to excel in them.

Through the various resources, most notably the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC), students are connecting with internship opportunities across a wide range of industries and fields.

Below are 10 Elon students who partook in internships this past summer in a variety of industries and posted about their experiences on LinkedIn.

Coral Clark ’25

Coral Clark ’25

Coral Clark ’25 spent her summer interning with Burlington-based life sciences company, Labcorp, as an eLearning Producer intern. The strategic communications and public health double major combined both her interests during the internship as she collaborated with experts in the health care field and contributed to the development of the eLearning content.

“From creating engaging modules to helping streamline the learning experience, every moment has been truly rewarding,” Clark wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Clark produced a video about her experience during the 12-week internship using the eLearning authoring tool Vyond which can be found on her LinkedIn page.

Logan Coffey ’25

Logan Coffey ’25, second from left, with his intern cohort at Gallagher.

Logan Coffey ’25 spent time with Gallagher, an insurance and risk management consulting firm, this summer. The finance and marketing major wanted to get a deep dive into the world of insurance and was able to do that at Gallagher.

During his time there, Coffey was part of a team that placed first at the 2023 National Intern Sales Challenge besting over 120 other teams.

“I am very glad to have had this amazing opportunity to grow professionally and learn tons of information about the insurance industry with this amazing company,” Coffey wrote on his LinkedIn page.

Lizzy DiGrande ’24

Lizzy DiGrande ’24, right, with members of the Alamance Community Foundation team.

Lizzy DiGrande ’24 completed a 10-week summer internship with Alamance Community Foundation as a philanthropy intern. The Alamance Community Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening Alamance County for present and future generations.

DiGrande collaborated closely with the executive director to plan the organization’s first annual scholarship event, assisted with social media planning and helped manage incoming donations.

“I strived to continuously break the ‘Elon bubble’ and interact in a meaningful way with members and facets of the community. While hesitant about my place as an Elon student from New Jersey in a rural town in North Carolina, the local community members embraced me with open arms, and I was able to form many genuine relationships,” DiGrande said in a LinkedIn post.

“Overall, the most rewarding parts of this internship was knowing my voice was being heard, something many interns struggle to fight for. I felt needed every day and I worked hard to establish my role and convey my abilities. I am excited to see what my final year at Elon University has in store for me, and with my newfound experience, I am prepared to be successful!”

Gia Gaw ’24

Gia Gaw ’24, center, with her two mentors at NIEHS Lenka Radonova, left, and Virginia Savy, right.

Biology major Gia Gaw ’24 spent her summer interning with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) as a science research assistant.

Gaw was able to grow her skills inside and outside of the lab including IVF techniques, animal handling, micro-manipulation, confocal microscopy skills and software knowledge in Pris and FIJI.

“I concluded my internship with two poster presentations,” Gaw announced in her LinkedIn post. “One at the NIEHS location and the other virtually with the NIH. This summer was an absolutely amazing experience and I really look forward to continue growing and utilizing all the skills I have gained in the near future,” Gaw wrote on LinkedIn.

Annabel Hennessy ’24

Using lessons learned as a strategic communications major, Annabel Hennessy ’24 was able to grow her skills as a public relations and business development intern with INVNT Group, an advertising agency based in New York City.

Annabel Hennessy ’24, fifth from left, during her internship with INVNT Group.

In her role, Hennessy authored and distributed regular company-wide newsletters. Additionally, she organized and facilitated meetings with team members to assign responsibilities, set timelines and ensure smooth collaboration throughout the RFP response process.

Hennessy said that a highlight of her experience was the launch of the Cadillac Escalade IQ, where she managed on-set logistics ensuring a comfortable and efficient environment for the crew and talent on the set.

“I had the privilege of being the bridge between INVNT Group and its internal and external stakeholders. Ensuring a seamless flow of communication was a fulfilling responsibility,” Hennessy wrote on LinkedIn.

Lars Heidenreich ’24

Lars Heidenreich ’24 during his internship with WillowTree.

During his summer internship at WillowTree, Lars Heidenreich ’24 walked away with several key soft leadership skills that he will carry long into his career — don’t force it, seek to understand then be understood, be kind and give grace.

“While hard skills are crucial for achieving results, ultimately, their significance takes a backseat when it comes to taking care of your team,” Heidenreich wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Heidenreich was a product analyst for WillowTree, a software development company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. In his 10-week internship, he wore many different hats as a project manager, product owner, scrum master and GTM strategist.

“As I reflect upon these experiences, I am grateful for the growth and insights this journey has brought. Looking ahead, I’m excited to carry these lessons forward and continue nurturing both my professional expertise and the invaluable human connections that make it all worthwhile,” Heidenreich said in a LinkedIn post.

Alexa Morrissey ’25

Alexa Morrissey ’25 during her time with BoardroomPR.

Alexa Morrissey ’25 interned with BoardroomPR over the summer where she created content for a multitude of clients including graphics, attended video shoots, recruited social media influencers and even had the opportunity to help manage two crisis communication projects.

Morrissey is studying abroad in London this fall semester and is looking forward to implementing these newly learned skills and media tactics in her studies across the pond.

“During my time at BoardroomPR, I have had the privilege of working alongside a team of dedicated professional who have not only shared their expertise but also welcomed me into the world of public relations with open arms. Their support and guidance has played an instrumental role in shaping my understanding of agency life,” Morrissey wrote on LinkedIn.

Leah Schneider ’24

Leah Schneider ’24 outside of Deloitte’s offices in Chicago.

Leah Schneider ’24 spent her summer in Chicago as the internal change and communications intern with Deloitte Global. All interns in the program completed an Innovation Challenge which Schneider’s team won, presenting a feasible solution on connecting the global, multigenerational workforce.

Schneider joined in on summer sprint projects which included drafting metrics templates and collection techniques, leading focus groups for the internal rebrand and creating an internal social media and communications strategy.

“Utilizing the expansive Deloitte network, I was able to meet and form connections with professionals across multiple Deloitte service areas, firms and levels. Each conversation provided me with impressionable advice and guidance as I begin my final year of college and prepare to enter the workforce,” Schneider wrote on LinkedIn.

Graysen Shirley ’24

Graysen Shirley ’24 during her internship with Wayfair in Boston.

A strategic communications and media analytics major, Graysen Shirley ’24 spent time with Wayfair as a commercial strategy associate intern at their Boston office.

Shirley had the opportunity to dive into the heart of e-commerce strategy and learn about all that goes into making sure an order arrives in a safe and timely manner to Wayfair customers. Analyzing key metrics for suppliers, conducting market research on competitors and creating an assortment gap analysis, Shirley said she is excited to incorporate this newfound knowledge into her future career endeavors.

“I was welcomed at Wayfair by my hardworking and talented team who not only provided me with meaningful support and guidance throughout my internship but also challenged me to think deeper and grow my skills in data analysis,” Shirley posted on LinkedIn.

Naomi Washington ’24

Naomi Washington ’24 in NBC News’ Washington, D.C. offices.

Naomi Washington ’24 interned with NBC News twice before her third stint with the news organization this past summer as a general assignment reporter.

“Whoever came up with the saying, ‘the third time’s a charm’ was absolutely right,” Washington wrote on LinkedIn.

She worked with a variety of teams in NBC’s Washington, D.C. offices. She had the chance to shadow reporters and producers in the field, conduct research and pitch stories to write for NBC Digital.

“I love NBC News and I’m excited about the possibility to work here full-time one day.”