Elon MBA Overview

Elon University’s MBA program offers a part-time program with full-time benefits. Develop your leadership skills and set and achieve professional goals without sacrificing your career or time with your family. The program is built on face-to-face classroom experiences and offers benefits such as:

Flexible Class Schedule
Career vs. Fast Track
International Travel
Ethical Leadership
Career Support for Students and Alumni

A Program Designed for Your Lifestyle

The Elon MBA is structured with your busy schedule in mind and can be completed at your own pace. Sessions begin in September, January, and March. Start the program in the fall (September) or spring (March), take one class at a time and earn your degree in 33 months, or take two classes at a time and finish in just 21 months.

Classes are held one evening per week from 6-9 p.m. so you do not have to take time off from work to get to class. Professors make a point of being accessible -- they are responsive online and often you can even call them at home.

Now you have two location options. You may take classes on the campus of Elon University or at the Solution Center in the RTP area. There is no need to decide. You may take classes at one or both locations.

National Recognition

  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranks the Elon MBA program in the nation's top 20 for eight years running
  • The Princeton Review ranks the Elon MBA the nation's #1 "best administered" program


Classes are designed to emphasize the practical application of business theory. Students master the material and then apply those lessons to real-world scenarios. The curriculum evolves with changes in markets and industry, and includes coursework in areas such as social media, global economics, managerial accounting, marketing management, organizational behavior, team building, and strategy. Your studies will prepare you to:

  • Optimize business processes, operations, and supply chains to maximize business performance and learn the tools of organizational change processes
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills of project management, such as project planning, scheduling and controlling, and using project management tools, techniques, and software
  • Learn to use organizational analytic techniques to identify and manage key business data, including the tools used for data mining, analysis, and forecasting
  • Understand the role of management information systems in the firm, acquiring the knowledge that will provide you with a balanced and informed view and approach to managing IT

Specializations and Concentrations

Electives allow students to develop concentrations in particular subject areas in order to match coursework with personal and professional goals. Elective courses include:

Suggested Groupings

Analytics II: Spreadsheet Decision Making; Analytics III: Business Data Mining; Analytics IV: Programming Basics

Sales Management; Customer Relationship Management; Marketing Research

Innovation Imperative; Entrepreneurship I & II

Business Law; Human Capital Management; Training and Development

The Details

Degree MBA
Program Type Part-time, Flexible Schedule
Program Length 39 units
Start Date September or March
Classes Meet Weekdays from 6-9 p.m.
Tuition $878/credit hour
Required Experience Two years of professional work experience
Average Class Size 24 students
Average MBA student age 32