Connect with alumni from our graduate business programs to strengthen your personal board of directors and gain insight to support professional development. Alumni mentors guide from experience and want to use their expertise to help you achieve the career goals our curriculum and programs have helped you prepare for. They are excited to help our graduate program candidates navigate their careers whether you are just entering the workforce, pivoting or trying to gain more insight into an industry or role. This is a collaborative initiative to provide current students with connections to support professional development. Should you connect with one of our mentors, please allow 24-72 hours for a response. 

Purpose of Connect for Success

  • Expand your network
  • Exploration of career paths and roles
  • Elevate your interviewing skills
  • Enhance knowledge of roles and the job market (industry specific)

Alumni Mentors

A headshot of Eric Devane, an Elon masters of business administration program. Eric has brown hair and a beard.

Eric DeVane

Title: Finance, Senior Supervisor
Company: PepsiCo
Industry: Finance Operations

“I will take the time to sit down with students one on one and answer any of their questions or concerns. I can meet virtually over Zoom or Teams, in person while grabbing a cup of coffee or on campus. I have knowledge not only as a MBA alumnus but also in the industry of finance operations and management.”

a headshot

Katharine Frazier

Title: Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
Company: Impact Fulfillment Services
Industry: Manufacturing and Logistics

It is always a pleasure to talk with students about what to expect from the real world”and what is expected from employers. For more established professionals, such as MBA students, we discuss ways to leverage the MBA coursework in the workplace.”

Photo of Rynita Julien.

Rynita Julien

Title: Senior Director, Information Technology
Company: CSL
Industry: Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology

“Leverage me as a mentor so I can help you see your true potential, increase self awareness, build leadership skills that benefit you personally and professionally, and navigate difficult times in your life. I will provide honest and supportive feedback.”

Photo of Mark Leath.

Mark Leath

Title: Vice President
Company: AMT Group
Industry: Medical Device and Laboratory Safety

“My background and experience spans into various parts of business, focused heavily in small business. I have over 25 years of contacts and an extensive network in a variety of industries. I would like to think I have experienced a variety of situations that have helped me grow over the years and this experience or story telling is something I can happily share.”

Photo of Jonathan Lindberg.

Jonathan Lindberg

Title: Senior Director, Project Management
Company: G1 Therapeutics
Industry: Pharmaceuticals/Biotech

“Anyone who is curious about how their new credentials may help get them ahead professionally is free to reach out for some advice, real-world knowledge and first-hand experience. Additionally, anyone that is in the life sciences industry and/or in the Raleigh or Research Triangle Park areas is absolutely welcome to tap into me and my network for connections in the broader local market.”

Photo of Lauren DeVane Parks.

Lauren DeVane Parks

Title: Data & Analytics Manager
Company: VF Corporation
Industry: Apparel

I can provide support and field questions about moving into the workforce and recruitment-related questions such as preparing resumes, interviewing, negotiating, etc.”

Photo of Mary Welker.

Mary Welker

Title: Assistant Registrar for Curriculum, Publications and Study Abroad
Company: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Industry: Higher Education

Students can leverage me as a mentor by simply connecting and utilizing my professional and life experience as a model for what to do (and sometimes what not to do). I can provide guidance both educationally and career wise. Additionally, I can serve as a support system for them when needed.”